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In class. 1. Listen to the Webcast Russia Calls For and do the exercises.

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1. Listen to the Webcast Russia Calls For … and do the exercises.


2. All these word combinations contain the same word ….turnover, ... cooperation, Russian …, US-Soviet …, high-technology …, …. barriers. Guess the word and translate these word combinations.

C – Comprehension Test 7


1 .Trade turnover between Russia and the US last year was   A 25 bln dollars. B 25 mln dollars C nearly 25 bln dollars   2 .US and Russia officials are going   A to cease joint actions to expand trade cooperation B to act together to expand trade cooperation C to explain the reasons for trade cooperation  
3. Trade between the two countries used to be   A mutually beneficial B unbalanced C busy   4. Now US-Russian trade pattern   A remains unchanged B has changed but raw materials still prevail in the Russian export C has completely changed  
5. US technology investments in the Russian market   A are funnelled to software development B target information technologies C directed to software development and IT 6. To make the cooperation equal Russia needs to adopt measures at A the ministerial level B local administrative level C government level      
7. The US high tech market   A hampers Russian switch to an innovative economy B only pretends to be important for Russia C is important to Russia’s switch to an innovative economy 8. Trade relations with the US in this field are A disorderly B tough C checked and balanced  
9. US trade barriers   A restrict Russian customers to advance technologies B restrict Russians to US advanced technologies C restrict Russians to advance Russian high tech in the USA   10.Russia has yet to   A expand HT exports overseas B cut down on HT exports overseas C import HT overseas  


B – Comprehension Test 7

Part 1

_______________________between Russia and the United States last year _________________about 25 billion dollars. US and Russia trade officials have been __________________for joint actions to expand trade cooperation, which both sides believe has enough _______________________________________and diversification.

Russian trade and economy officials have long complained that trade between the two countries is _________________where Russian exports of raw materials prevail, while US exports of high technology to Russia remains affected by heavy __________________________and control, like in the old Soviet times. In those years each item of US exports to Soviet Russia was heavily _________________and US-Soviet trade remained largely _____________________business. These days, however, the pattern of US-Russian trade has changed considerably, although Russian raw materials still dominate in the overall exports from Russia to the United States. But now US companies are looking to expand technology investments in the Russian market, targeting primarily software development and information technologies.

Part 2

Russia’s first vice-premier Sergei Ivanov last month called for taking what he called political and economic steps to improve Russian-US partnership in high-technology trade. Sergei Ivanov told a government _______________________________that this country needs _______________________________at the government level to make Russian-American cooperation in high technology equal and ________________________in character.__________________, the Russian government official implied, such cooperation is ____________equal _________________mutually beneficial.

Sergei Ivanov ____________________________that the US high tech market is particularly important to Russia, not ______________from the point of_______________________, but more importantly from the point of helping Russia _____________an innovative economy, an issue that is being widely discussed in Russia and which spells _____________________________________

__________________________and technologies and their _____________________________

with the latest business trends


Part 3

The Russian government official noted that the ______________export of Russian high-technology _________________ to the United States alone amounts to a little more than 1.3 billion dollars. But business _______________with the US side in this field are___________________. In a number of specific areas, he said, they are seriously ___________________by various factors, occasionally of purely political nature. “Administrative trade barriers ________________in the United States that restrict Russian customers ___________________and some Russian enterprises are________________ by __________________and ____________________by the US government that are hard to explain from the point of international law,” Sergei Ivanov said.

These days Russian engineers ______________________________________their skills in the development of Boeing’s Dreamliner aircraft and Russia is exporting rocket engines for use in the United States. But Russia has yet to ______________________in high-technology exports overseas. The United States, ____________, has yet ______whatever ______________________it has on exports of its own high-tech products to Russia.

A – Comprehension Test 3


1) What plans are being mapped out by US and Russia trade officials?

2) What features of US-Russia trade have long disappointed Russia’s trade and economy officials?

3) What in particular has changed in the pattern of the US-Russian trade? What remains unchanged?

4) What did Russia’s vice-premier Sergei Ivanov tell the government commission on export control?

5) Why, according to him, is the US high-tech market particularly important to Russia?

6) What does the switch to an innovative economy entail?

7) What kind of business ties have existed between the two countries so far?

8) What are the main factors that hamper development of mutually beneficial trade in the sphere of high technologies?

9) What is Russia supposed to do to improve the situation?

10) What measures should be taken by the USA in the field?

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