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C - Comprehension Test 5

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1. In January 2007 Europe had to contemplate A Russia's oil production future B new oil and gas supplies agreement C the future of its oil and gas supplies 2.Russia’s energy policy triggered the situation as A Belarus insulted Russia BRussia increased the price for fuel twice CRussia increased price for all exported goods twice
3.The reaction from Belarus was A a price hike for oil on its territory B they rose price for oil carried across the country C a massive purchasing of oil from abroad   4. With all that Europe has to A adjust their economy to the situation B be dependent from oil. C give up search for sources of alternative energy
5. Angela Merkel promised A to fix prices as high as in Moscow B to exert pressure on Moscow C to discuss the options with Moscow 6. She also believes that Germany A is to shut down nuclear reactors B shouldn’t close down nuclear power stations C it is wise to cease the work of nuclear power stations
7. President Vladimir Putin told his government A to continue talks with Belarus B did everything to secure its strategic resources C should do everything to guarantee trouble-proof supplies to EU 8. There is a need for Europe to try and develop A a more consistent approach to energy issues B a more coherent measures to punish Belarus C a more coherent response to Russia’s initiatives
9. If Europe doesn’t work out a clear energy supplies strategy A Russia will stop being a big player B Russia will do it for the European countries C Russia will dictate its political will to all countries 10. European countries will always look for alternatives as A no country wants to be dependable on Russia B no country wants to have foreign supplies C no country wants to rely on a single foreign supplier
11. The reporter suggests that Russia might deal with Western countries A altogether B separately C only with countries of Eastern Europe 12.Tim Williams believes that Russia’s domination in the European oil and gas market A will lead to the growth of funding nuclear energy projects B renew investments in nuclear weapons development C may contribute to renewed investment in fossil fuel research

B - Comprehension Test 5

Part 1

1) Why did the European politicians have to address the problem of oil and gas in January 2007?

2) Why did Belarus threaten to cease supplies to Europe?

3) How many countries was Belarus going to “switch off”?

4) Why did Belarus decide to shut off the pipeline?

Part 2


Europe Correspondent Rafael Epstein and EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Belarus and Russia _____________over gas and oil prices, but on the 1st of January, Russia ____________of its gas. The response from Minsk was a massive rise in the price of oil carried across its territory. Moscow refused to pay, and the result was Belarus _______________


That pipeline carries half of all Russia's oil exports to Europe, and with Russia supplying around______________, and even more of its imported gas, it's a ______________that has Europe worried.

The EU's Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, says such dramatic disputes mean Europe must_______________________________________________.

ANDRIS PIEBALGS: I would say it is really not acceptable. Security of supply can't be built on_______________________. But we should look generally for_______________, because now we are most dependent if our economy is from oil. So it means that we should work______________. We should look in the ______________-. We really should look upon what could be alternatives if there is a really definite problem with our supplies globally.


Part 3

Europe Correspondent Rafael Epstein and an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute in London Tim Williams


RAFAEL EPSTEIN: With Germany currently holding the presidency of the EU, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the dispute is__________________, and she'll _________________________later this month. She also questioned the wisdom of plans in Germany __________________________over the next decade.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his government ministers that negotiations with Belarus must continue, and that Russia must "do everything _________________________".

Tim Williams is an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute in London.

TIM WILLIAMS: A lot of European countries are having to think about energy security in ways that they didn't have to before. There is a need for Europe to try and develop_________________, because otherwise big players such as Russia can just ____________and ___________________________.


Part 4

Europe Correspondent Rafael Epstein and an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute in London Tim Williams


RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Is the response then, if that's the way Russia's going to act, that's even more of a reason why ____________________is an option?

TIM WILLIAMS: Possibly, yes, but I think, in any case, countries would never be happy in the long-term to have__________________, so they'll always look at alternatives.

Obviously if Russia is going to use energy as _______________, then that will only increase governments' feelings that that's what they should do, that they should diversify.


But it may well contribute to_______________________, yes.

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