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Group these names into these two columns. Provide some arguments to justify your decision.

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Afghans, Iraqis, West Papuans, ABC Radio National, Middle Eastern asylum seekers, the Tampa affair in 2001, Indonesia, Papuan asylum seekers

Australia Illegal Immigrants

C – Comprehension Test 2

Listen to the Webcast Ellison canvasses forcing Papuan boats back to Indonesia and circle the correct answer


1. Senator Chris Ellison insists on forcing boats with Papuan asylum seekers.   A out of the country B out of Australian territorial waters C out of Indonesia   2. In the Tampa affair in 2001, the navy forced several boats carrying   A Middle Eastern holiday-makers B Middle Eastern asylum seekers C Papuan asylum seekers
3.The Australian Senator says the way the problem is dealt with depends   A on the circumstances in which these people are intercepted B on the circumstances of other attempts at illegal entrance into Australia C on the circumstances of legal entrance into Australia 4. According to Senator Ellison the measures they took to deal with illegal immigrants   A are quite new B are partly changed C are not altered  
5. Senator Ellison refers to the incident as   A the people mugging issue B a breach of Australian law C the people smuggling issue 6.When Australian authorities came across the boatload of illegal immigrants   A they possessed background information B they benefited from knowing their background C they didn’t have any information about them  
7. The Minister for Customs and Justice is to safeguard the country’s borders against   A illegal entrance only when security is at risk B illegal fishing, illegal entrance, security risks C illegal fishing and illegal entrance risks   8. The measures against illegal immigration would be determined at the time by authorities A responsible for looking after illegal fishers B engaged in the process of looking after our waters C engaged in the process of looking after our borders  

B – Comprehension Test 2

Listen to the Webcast Ellison canvasses forcing Papuan boats back to Indonesia and use the information from ex.2,3 to fill in the gaps

Part 1

1) Where did the boats with Papuans arrive from? Who canvassed the move to force them back?

2) What was the case with Tampa Affair?

3) Who was on board the boats forced back to Indonesian waters by the navy?

4) Where did the Senator make a statement that Government’s policy hadn’t changed?


Part 2

Peter Mares asked him if boats carrying West Papuans would be forced back to Indonesia.

CHRIS ELLISON: Well it will depend on the circumstances in which we_________________________, but certainly they will be dealt with as we would deal with any other attempts _______________________into Australia.

And of course _____________ place _______________dealing with people who try to enter our country illegally. And you've seen what we've done in the past and our policy has not changed.

Part 3

PETER MARES: You've said that Papuan _________________are no different to any other boat people, but that's not the case is it.

I mean, these are Indonesian nationals _____________from Indonesia. They're not like Afghans or Iraqis who are coming through another country.

CHRIS ELLISON: Well, of course, when we dealt with the ______________________before, we didn't know where those people came from at the time. ___________________of course we ______________that, but when we come upon a boatload of people who are trying to enter Australia illegally we don't have the ___________knowing their_______________, what their case is or why they're there. All we are presented with is an attempt to enter Australia illegally.

Now, of course, we have measures for dealing with that, and of course our policy is also very well known and we will_______________________.

Part 4

PETER MARES: You accept that forcing a __________ back to a place of _________-is _______________international law?

CHRIS ELLISON: Look, I think that the international law that we're ________________ is our ___________________ in that we're ________________________.

As the Minister ____Customs and Justice I have responsibility ______border control, and that is ____________ our borders __________illegal ___________, illegal _________, _____________________ and anything else which __________________ this country including quarantine.
Now that is a right we have to maintain and that is our sovereignty as a nation and our sovereign waters.


PETER MARES: Australia is ______________to the International Convention on Refugees. Do you accept that forcing a refugee back to a place of persecution ________________that __________________ and is a breach of international law?

CHRIS ELLISON: When we're faced with ________________of people, they don't come with a sign saying, "These Are Refugees". When we're _________________ that situation on the water, we don't know who they are; we don't know their background.

They might say they're refugees, they might say they're all sorts of things but I have to tell you that we're primarily _______________looking out _____ Australia's __________ and security. And that means that we intercept people who are trying to enter this country illegally and that could involve a number of measures which would be________________at the timeby authorities who are ________________the process of looking after our borders.


A – Comprehension Test 2


Listen to the Webcast and use the information to report back the news story. Follow these questions.


1) What was Tampa Affair about? How does it correspond to the current incident with Papuans?

2)What circumstances will determine the treatment of the illegal immigrants?

3) What distinguishes Papuans from Tampa Affair people?

4) How does Senator Elison justify his canvassing the possibility of forcing back people entering Australia illegally? Why do you think he mentions the people smuggling issues?

5) What actions of Australian Government does the journalist call/ refer to as? “the breach of international law”?

6) How does the senator understand what the international law is/ how does the senator define international law?

7) What are the threats against which the Minister for Customs and Justice is to safeguard country’s borders?

8) What convention related to the issue was signed by Australia? How does the journalist qualify the actions of Australian government( i.e. forcing immigrants back)?

9) What is the first priority for the authorities when spotting a boat of people in the territorial waters? Or what are the authorities primarily charged with?

10) What officials are supposed to determine the measures to be worked out against the border violators?

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