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Listen to the Webcast Former Liberian leader faces war crimes tribunal again and tick the correct answer

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1. Charles Taylor is A the acting president of Liberia B the Lebanese President C the Former President of Liberia 2. Charles Taylor took the office as a result of A of a fraud B a bloody civil law C a bloody civil war
3. According to the reporter Taylor will be further remembered A for flinging his country into economic ruin in the early 1990s B for plunging his country into economic rise in the early 1990s C for driving his country into economic plight 4. Taylor is the first African head of state   A to deal with war tribunal criminals B to appear before an international war crimes tribunal C to appear at four the international war tribunals  
5. He's facing charges of   A murder, rape, enslavement of child soldiers. B murder, robbery, enslavement and conscripting child soldiers. C murder, rape, enslavement and conscripting child soldiers. 6. The Liberian president was forced to resign   A five years later after national pressure B six years later, under international pressure C six years later, under national pressure
7. Mr Taylor is accused of terrorising the people of Sierra Leone A demonstrating atrocities committed by the neighbours B orchestrating cruelties committed by the rebels C illustrating atrocities committed by rebels 8. One of the victims says Taylor’s 12 year-old soldier brought an axe which they used   A to chop the victim’s right hand off. B to intimidate him C to threaten to chop his head off
9. In exchange for diamonds Charles Taylor   A funded and controlled Sierra Leone’s rebels B funded and gained a control over Sierra Leone’s rebels C armed, trained and controlled Sierra Leone’s rebels 10. The reporter says they are going to meet people who   A witnessed the actions in the battlefield B are quite close to Taylor C are aware of the orders he provided

B - Comprehension Test 1

Listen to the Webcast Former Liberian leader faces war crimes tribunal, answer the questions and fill in the gaps.

Part 1

1. Who is Charles Taylor? How did he rise to power? Why are the Liberians destined to remember him?

2. Why does the reporter believe that he has set a new mark?

3. What is he accused of? What charges is he facing now?

4. How old is he? Has he pleaded guilty to any of the changes?

5. Where does the trial take place? When was it resumed?

Part 2

STEPHANIE KENNEDY: Just over a decade ago, Charles Taylor came to power promising his country peace and______________.
CHARLES TAYLOR: Charles Taylor_____________peace, and Charles Taylor is about ___________this country ________the world community of nations.

STEPHANIE KENNEDY: But six years later, ________international pressure, the Liberian president______________________________________.

CHARLES TAYLOR: I can no longer__________, the suffering is enough, for you are good people. You have been very good to me through the grace of God, and I love you from__________________________________.

I will always remember you wherever I am, and I say to you, God willing, I will be back.


Part 3

STEPHANIE KENNEDY: Mr Taylor now stands accused of __________________________________of neighbouring Sierra Leone by ______________________committed by the rebels.

These _________________hacked off the limbs of thousands of people during the country's 10 year civil war that ended in 2003.

Jabati Mambu is one of those victims.

JABATI MAMBU: They went into our house, dragged me out of the bed, you know, threw me outside, and they asked that they should cut my hands off. Then I said, "Well, instead I should join you." They said "No," and one of the guys, the commander, commanded____________________________, and the guy came with an axe, and that was what they used_________________.

STEPHANIE KENNEDY: ____________________ that Charles Taylor armed, ________________and controlled Sierra Leone's revolutionary rebels ____________________________________blood diamonds.

Part 4

The chief prosecutor at the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone is Stephen Rapp, and he acknowledges that this case is a_____________________________.

STEPHEN RAPP: We recognise that that's our challenge. We don't______________ that Charles Taylor ever crossed the border into Sierra Leone, or that he chopped off anybody's hand himself, or _______________ on the streets of Freetown.

But we have a challenge and we are going to meet that _____________ witnesses from the inside. There are people that are quite close to him, there are people that further away from him that, __________________, hear communications or are __________________ that he has provided, or who ______________his key lieutenants_________________________in Sierra Leone giving orders, or providing material.

STEPHANIE KENNEDY: The trial is being broadcast live to Freetown, and the public ___________________________________

A – Comprehension Test 1


Listen to the Webcast Former Liberian leader faces war crimes tribunalagain and use the information from above to report back the news story. Follow these questions.


1) How according to the presenter did the Liberian leader rise to power? Why does he think Charles Taylor will be long remembered by the Liberians?

2) Why does the journalist say that Charles Taylor has set a new mark this time?

3) What is he accused of and what charges does he face in this case?

4) How old is Charles Taylor? Did he plead guilty to any of the charges?

5) Where does the historic trial take place?

6) What did the Liberian leader promise his people when he came to power?

7) Who made him resign?

8) What country was subjected to terrorism? How did Charles Taylor contribute to the situation in the country?

9) What cruel crimes were committed by the militia?

10) How did one of the victims describe the militia’s actions? What were the criminals like?

11) What is Charles Taylor alleged to have done in exchange for blood diamonds?

12) What difficulties did the chief prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone experience in judging the case?

13) Who are the witnesses to Taylor’s case? What kind of evidence do they provide?

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