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Look at the text title and complete the sentences according to their possible occurrence in the text.

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Tensions are rising over ...

The row comes as ...

It raises the question ...

One would normally associate it with….


3 a). Form abstract nouns from these verbs:

expel   eliminate  
reveal   persuade  
embarrass   stabilise  
regenerate   acknowledge  


3 b). Fill in the gaps with the help of expressions above:

  1. The May 1928 Reichstag elections seemed to reflect the economic and political ________of the Weimar Republic.
  2. Barkis rubbed his cheek with his cuff, and then looked at his cuff as if he expected to find some of the bloom upon it; but made no other ___________of the compliment.
  3. ___________from a UK independent school means permanent removal from the school.
  4. The Commission has also described the practical measures which can be taken to bring about the verifiable _________of nuclear weapons and the full safeguarding of militarily usable nuclear material.
  5. A scientist might be personally disappointed and embarrassed if one of his hypotheses was proven wrong, but would not normally suffer professional ___________as a result.
  6. The capacity for ___________varies widely in animals, with some able to regenerate whole limbs and others not, but the capacity is reduced significantly in more complex animals.
  7. It would take a lot of ____________to get him to agree to such an offer.
  8. The meaning of this statement is that God continually speaks to His children, and He does so through His spirit in the form of personal____________, and also through prophets to the world.


A).Match these parts

1) expulsion of government
2) acting head of high-ranking foreign officials
3) decision intelligence service
4) secret to expel smb
5) eliminate on the ground
6) analysts the leadership
7) religious chiefs
8) tribal extremists
9) factions within the Taliban
10) to have misunderstanding
11) power-sharing arrangement
12) a more inclusive a say
13) to resolve mission


4 b). Fill in the gaps with the help of the elements or whole expressions given above:


1) The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan is holding talks with government officials over the ________________of two UN representatives accused of espionage.

2) When Fiji's _________________________ came into effect in 1999, they were seen as a path towards ending the country's bitter racial divisions.

3) The former Office of Racial Ethnic Student Affairs has embraced a broader and more ___________ ___________ and has changed its name to the Office of Cultural and Language Affairs.

4) All attempts to unite rival ________________ ________ _________failed due to incompetence of the negotiators.

5) It’s also the responsibility of the interviewer to look out for contradictory or confusing answers and find the way to ____________ ________________________.

In Class


Listen to the Webcast Britain in hot water over alleged Taliban meetings and do the exercises below.


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