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Listen to the Webcast New South Wales Crime Commission cop on drugs charge and do the exercises.

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2. What do these words combinations have in common: an elite unit, a key player, the top police investigator?

3. Listen and decide “who is who”?

Name Position    
Phillip Boulten Veteran ABC Four Corners journalist    
Michael Edwards Presenter    
Chris Masters Reporter    
Tony Eastley President of the Criminal Defence Lawyer's Association    
Mark Standen NSW Crime Commission cop    

C – Comprehension Test 1

1 The corrupt police officer is to appear in court   A alone B with his accomplice C with another policeman   2 It's one of the most serious allegations of criminal corruption A aimed to justify a senior policeman B at the level of a senior policeman C ignoring the level of a senior policeman  
3 The accused is known to.   A have headed a successful operation B have headed a cocaine smuggling ring C to have failed an investigation into a drug smuggling ring   4 The Crime Commission's investigation into a drug smuggling ring involved   A a Sydney drug lord B a Sydney landlord C a drug addict Michael Hurley  
5 Before arresting Mark Standen AFP officers   A with the help of computers locked the building down B arrested all computers in the building C shut off computers and locked the building down   6 Mark Standen's has been working for AFP   A 30 years. B 40 years C 10 years
7 Chris Masters says Mark Standen's arrest   A shocked the Australian society B impressed the higher levels of AFP C was to launch a series of other arrests   8 Chris Masters says the officers of the NSW Crime Commission A were known to be corrupt B were extremely inefficient C commanded respect  
9 The AFP charged Mark Standen with A a conspiracy to import an unknown drug B a drug smuggling C a conspiracy to import a substance being part of a well-known drug 10 Mr Standen is allegedto be working A with a Dutch chemical syndicate B with a criminal syndicate in Asia C with a criminal syndicate in Holland

B – Comprehension Test 2


Part 1

1) Who was arrested and what was the man accused of?

2) Why is this allegation considered to be the most serious one?

3) What was Mark Standen’s job in the elite crime fighting agency?


Part 2

Michael Edwards has this report.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Within the Australian _____________________community - the New South Wales Crime Commission is regarded as an ___________________ and 51-year-old Mark Standen is viewed as one of it best criminal investigators.

Among his achievements are spearheading the Crime Commission's investigation into a ________________smuggling __________ involving Sydney drug lord Michael Hurley.

But yesterday it must have seemed as though his world had turned upside-down when the Australian Federal Police ___________________the Crime Commission's offices in Sydney.

AFP officers shut off computers and locked the building down - they then arrested Mark Standen for his alleged involvement in a major _____________________________________plot.


Part 3


Veteran ABC Four Corners journalist, Chris Masters, says Mark Standen has a reputation as a ________________________investigator.

CHRIS MASTERS: Even though this is not somebody who is well known across Australia, within policing ___________________he is very well known.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Mark Standen's career began 30 years ago policing___________________.

He then joined the Australian Federal Police before _________________by the New South Wales Crime Commission a decade ago.

Chris Masters says Mark Standen's arrest has sent __________________through the highest echelons of Australian policing.

CHRIS MASTERS: This is a _____________police _______________who was seen to be extremely effective. The NSW Crime Commission are pretty much the elite crime fighting agency in New South Wales and one I have to say, I know it is ___________________but one that I have had a lot of respect for over the last decade or so. They do a lot.

Part 4

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Last night, the AFP charged Mark Standen and a 45-year-old man with offences related to _____________________to import a ____________________________precursor chemical for the drug 'ice'.

Both are set to appear Sydney's Central _____________________________this morning.

The AFP has also confirmed it raided properties in the Sydney __________________of Campbelltown, Alexandria, Blacktown and St Helen's Park as well as properties on the New South Wales south and central________________.

It's alleged Mr Standen was working with a criminal syndicate based in the Netherlands and _________________________Asia.

Mark Standen's arrest ____________________to have wider ___________________________for the New South Wales Crime Commission.


Part 5

The Commission has special ____________________________which include the right to ___________________witnesses to testify and the ability to conduct __________________


Phillip Boulten SC is President of the Criminal Defence Lawyer's Association.

He says there is growing ____________________among lawyers that the Commission is overstepping its mark.

Mr Boulten says ____________________the commission was held to account.

PHILLIP BOULTEN: I am suggesting either that ____________________a Royal Commission into the operation of the New South Wales Crime Commission or that a judicial officer _____________full power to review its operations so as to report back to the Parliament of New South Wales about whether or not the Crime Commission is indeed_______________________________________.

TONY EASTLEY: The President of the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association, Phillip Boulten ending Michael Edwards' report.

A – Comprehension Test 2

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