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C. Read the following numbers and say what they refer to.

the 8th the 2nd $1.274 trillion 2.7% 3 percent 26% 3/4 1/4 2/3

D. Read the text again and decide whether these statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1) Canada’s economy is robust due to its market-oriented economic system.

2) Canada is a member of some rich clubs and free trade associations.

3) Like most mature countries Canada progressed from farming economy direct to services.

4) Greater part of country’s total volume of production is contributed by services sector.

5) Services industry is both advanced and diverse, where retail and health take the lead.

6) Although primary sector accounts for only several percent of the country’s GDP, it plays an important role in the economy because of the income it brings to the Canada’s areas.

7) Manufacturing is a dominant sector of the economy.

8) Alongside with Russia Canada enjoys vast territories and scarce natural resources.

9) Canada has largest oil reserves and it is the largest exporter of agricultural products.

10) A number of factors contribute to the country's economic prosperity, good fiscal policy being one of them.

11) Canada is said to have a purely market economy.

I. Use words from each box to make word partnerships from the text:

A) Ved + noun; B) Ving + noun; C) noun + noun; D) noun’s + noun. Translate these word partnerships. Add examples of your own.

A) advanced ~ , developed ~ , balanced ~ , market-oriented economic ~ B) working ~ , manufacturing ~, leading ~ C) trade ~ , key ~ , oil and gas ~ , market ~ , government ~ D) Canada’s ~, the country’s ~


A) system, economies, services sector, budget B) sector, population, producers C)agreements, reserves, countries, economy, association, intervention D) output, economy, development

J. For the direct question below, tick the correct indirect one.

What are the main factors contributing towards Canada’s economic superiority?

1) Could you tell me what are the main factors contributing towards Canada’s economic superiority?

2) Could you tell me what the contributing factors towards Canada’s economic superiority are?

K. How would find outpolitelythe following information? Make up a dialogue based on them.

1) How large the Canadian economy

2) Canada’s membership in the international organizations

3) Leading sector of the economy

4) The reason for importance of the primary sector

5) The type of the economy

6) Your own question


Choose any of G20 country and write a summary about its history, political system, economy, culture, its famous people etc.


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