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D. Answer the questions.

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1) When did the system of higher education start in Russia?

2) Who suggested the idea of establishing university in Moscow?

3) What are the basic types of higher education institutions in Russia? And what are they responsible for?

4) What are the entry requirements to the HEI?

5) What evaluation system do HEIs have?

6) When does the academic year begin in Russia?

7) What is higher education for you?

E. Are the following statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

1) The first University and grammar school were established in 1724 by the St. Petersburg Academy of science.

2) Peter I suggested the idea of establishing the university in Moscow.

3) Moscow University had originally four faculties: Philosophy, Theology, Law, and Medicine.

4) Administration had not to raise additional funds to cover all the university expenses.

5) The system of higher education has not change over the last century.

6) The Russian Federation Law on Education guarantees open and free access to higher education.

7) All HEIs have already introduced a system of continuous assessment.

F. Find words in the text that mean:

1) money that you must pay a university for teaching you

2) a department within a university or institute

3) to gradually get more and more over a period of time

4) the subjects of study concerned with human culture, esp. language, history or philosophy

5) the action or process of making a formal request

6) talks given by a university tutor to a large number of students

7) short examination of knowledge or ability, consisting of questions that must be answered or activities that must be carried out

8) subjects included in a course of study or taught at a particular HEI

G. Choose the correct answer to the following.

1) A decree of university foundation was signed by …

a) Michail Lomonosov

b) Peter I

c) Empress Elizaveta

2) The system of higher education in Russia was initially constructed similar to that of …

a) France

b) Germany

c) Britain

3) Academy is responsible for education and research …

a) in a single discipline

b) in a variety of disciplines

c) in three disciplines

4) The academic year is divided into …

a) three terms

b) two terms

c) four terms

5) The number of tests and examinations to be taken every year is strictly formulated by …

a) lecturers

b) the head of institution

c) the examiner

H. Define the paragraph that contains the following information.

· application procedure

· evaluation of students’ performance

· foundation of the first universities in Russia

· types of HEI


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