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A. Complete the sentences with the comparative forms of the adverbs in the box.

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  5. B. Below is а list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose а suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
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early fast late well badly carefully frequently quietly slowly efficiently

1) I arrived in New York a little later than I had planned because the plane was delayed by bad weather.

2) PCs with clock speeds of 66 mhz process information much … than PCs that run at only 33 mhz.

3) I got to the meeting a few minutes … than the others, so I had time to look through my papers before we started.

4) The company did … than analysts had been expecting, so their shares fell when they announced their losses for the year.

5) I speak Spanish well, but my assistant speaks it even … than I do.

6) I don’t think Quantas flies to Paris very often. Air France flies there much …

7) There were a lot of mistakes in that report you gave me last week. I think you need to check your figures a bit …

8) Could you speak a little …, please? I don’t understand English very well.

9) The new engine uses fuel … than previous models, so it is cheaper to run.

10) We used to have a very noisy dot matrix printer, but the new ink jet prints much …

B. Open the brackets using the comparative or superlative degree.

1) The Royal Dutch Shell Group is (profitable) company in the world.

2) She has been working as an accountant for 3 years, so now she’s (experienced) than before.

3) The town is small, we have (little) branches here.

4) He is one of (clever) candidates I have ever met.

5) Philips is the second (large) electronics company in Europe.

6) There are too many sections in the catalogue. It needs to be (short).

7) We decided to interview him, because his CV was (good) one.

8) I spent (much) time on the project than I had expected.

C. Complete the sentences using a superlative adjective and the present perfect.

1) good meal/have The best meal I have ever had was in France.

2) interesting course/go on

3) good computer/use

4) nice country/visit

5) expensive hotel/stay in

6) fast car/drive

7) reasonable boss/work for

8) bad job/have


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