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D. Say if the statements are false, right or there is no information on the subject.

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1) Education in the United States follows a unique pattern different from that in many countries.

2) Most colleges and universities offer majors, though they are more common in professional and technical colleges than in liberal arts colleges.

3) It takes 4 or 5 years of full-time college-level coursework to get a Bachelor Degree.

4) The major field of study is the most prominent and significant structural element of the American baccalaureate degree.

5) A PhD degree can take between five and seven years to complete, depending on the course of study chosen, the ability of the student, and the thesis that the student has selected.

6) The quarter system divides the calendar year into four quarters, three of which constitute a complete academic year; quarters are typically 10 weeks long so that three quarters amount to 30 weeks of instruction.

7) Some U.S. faculties, schools, and institutions use pass-fail grading systems, especially when the student work to be evaluated is highly subjective.

8) Certain courses of study are only available at the graduate school level in America.

9) Public universities are schools that are operated by private individuals and are financed by private funds.

10) The number of credits assigned to a course corresponds to the number of hours that a student will attend class for that course.

E. Say which paragraphs contain information on:

1) What kind of programs lead to certificates and diplomas plus six degree levels.

2) How a specific field of study is called.

3) What kind of tests and examinations students take in the American colleges and universities.

4) Which calendar systems are used by most American colleges and universities: quarter system, semester system, and trimester system?

5) If students must also complete a series of courses besides the course in their major.

F. Answer the questions.

1) Do the terms “primary school” and “elementary school” differ? Why?

2) What does tertiary education include?

3) Undergraduate school follows the middle school, doesn’t it?

4) How long does it take a student to get a Bachelor degree?

5) What is the most traditional degree given by US colleges and universities?

6) A major is a head of a university, isn’t it?

7) What must be completed prior to earning the doctorate degree?

8) Do American universities operate under the semester system or quarter system?

9) What kind of tests do American students take?

10) Who do students receive guidance, help in preparing for exams, and advice throughout the academic program from?

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