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Business star

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Many of us want to become successful in business. One of the first steps is choosing a business school. To gain the success your level can/may/should be really high and you can/have to/may be a real specialist, only professional businessmen have to/are able to/should work far/further/furthest and develop their career.

If your goal is to become a Business School superstar, you can’t/mustn’t/shouldn’t forget that being a leader also means being a team player.

When you study at business school, many projects are provided as group projects. If you deal with other people well, it will be easy/easier/easiest for your group to succeed. Leadership skills are shown not only when you are in charge of some group, but first of all how you help the other members of your team. It must/can/may be any kind of job, but you have to/can/should do it good/better/best of all: manage deadlines, delegate and manage time. Your team will appreciate that.

Your colleagues will respect you if you can/are able/have to not only to lead, but also to follow when necessary. Be good/better/the best candidate and get great/greater/the greatest job!





e.g. A: I think that there is a big difference between studying at university and at school. I guess that you have to set your own learning objectives and make sure that you meet them.

B:I hold the same opinion and I have come to the conclusion that the main difference is that you have to manage your own time. One way of doing that is to get a diary.

A:I don't think that getting the diary would help if you don’t set your own deadlines.

B:It is true but it can help to keep these deadlines under control.

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