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Unit 2 Module 1
to found/to establish to destroy to rule efforts to invade to divide into zero nought nil nothing point vast territory to lie to extend to cover to border on in terms of population according to census two-headed eagle appear symbolize superpower contain approximately STATISTICS pie chart bar chart graph table to stand at to remain constant to increase/an increase of to rise/a rise of to go up to grow to decrease/a decrease of to fall/a fall of to drop/a drop of to decline/a decline of to reach a peak of to level off at to fluctuate sharply/dramatically rapidly slightly gradually steadily at the beginning of at the end of in the middle of by the beginning of/ by the end of/ by the middle during/for/over by 50 % almost 50% nearly/about/around 50% approximately/roughly 50% more than/over/above 50% less than/ under 50% exactly 50% up to 50% to double to gain to rocket to halve to triple to hit the bottom to improve to peak to plummet to recover to soar to collapse to stabilise  

Module 2 The Republic of Tatarstan

“You wouldn’t believe it,

but I would rather live in Mamadysh

rather than in Venetia, Rome or Naples…“

From a letter of Leo Tolstoy

17 March 1786


A. What do you know about Tatarstan? Do the quiz and say which of the data were surprising for you?

1) Tatarstan is situated approximately 800 km … of Moscow.

A) east

b) west

c) north

2) Islam was established as a state religion in ….

a) 1552

B) 922

c) 1147

3) During the years of the World War II, Boris Pasternak used to live in ….

a) Naberezhniye Chelny

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