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Expressions of purpose.

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  2. Complete the following sentences with the words and expressions from the box. Translate the sentences.
  3. Complete the following text with the words and expressions from the box.
  4. Explain the meanings of the following words and expressions from the text. Make sentences with each of them
  6. Give the Russian equivalents of the following expressions.
  7. I. Work in pairs. Make dialogues using words and expressions written above.
  8. III. Make dialogues using words, word-combinations and expressions from this lesson. Work in pairs.
  9. Substitute the words and word combinations given in bold type by synonyms or synonymous expressions from the active.
1. The program was used so (that) the text and images would be arranged on the page. a. For followed by a noun can be used to describe purpose, especially with verbs of motion.
2. The President made a speech in order to explain the policy. b. We can use the infinitive to describe the purpose of the subject mentioned in the opening of the sentence.
3. I opened the web page to place my photos there. I opened the web page so (that) everyone could see my photos there. c. We can use so (that) and present simple to describe a habitual purpose. so (that)+ present simple
4. I browse web pages for information I need. d. We can use so (that) and will/won’t to describe future purpose. so (that)+ will/won’t
5. I’ll print out the document so (that) you will use it in the class. e. When we describe in the past a future event, will becomes would. so (that)+ would/ wouldn’t
6. My friend carries his notebook everywhere so (that) he has access to the Internet anytime he needs. f. If the subject in the opening of the sentence and the action in the second part of the sentence are different, we can’t use Infinitive of Purpose. We have to use so (that)+can/could
7. An image is displayed on the computer screen and repeatedly replaced by a new image that is similar to the previous image to create the illusion of movement. g. In formal speech and writing we can use in order to. Both verbs must have the same subject.

2. Complete the sentences with necessary words.

1. I wrote the date in my diary … … I wouldn’t forget it.

2. A word processor was used … create a document.

3. It was announced that the database was placed on the web site … … … to be accessible to users.

4. The file … coded so that nobody … open it. 5. I went to the programmer … advice. 6. The administrator closed the information on the site so that nobody … use it. 7. I’ll send the documents by e-mail so that you … get them quicker. 8. I always make notes so that I … forget what to do. 9. People play computer games … relaxation. 10. I searched the Internet … a new version of the program.


3. Match the sentences with the explanations.

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