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1. What do the following abbreviations stand for? Choose the correct answer.



a. local area network b. large area network


a. private area network b. personal area network


a. managed area network b. metropolitan area network


a. wide area network b. wireless area network

5. VPN

a. virtual private network b. virtual public network

6. GAN

a. global area network b. great area network


a. wireless local area network b. wide large area network

2. Read the information in Key information section 3 and correct the following statements.

1. LANs link computers and other devices that are placed far apart. 2. In a client-server architecture, all the workstations have the same capabilities. 3. The word protocol refers to the shape of the network. 4. Routers are used to link two computers. 5. Access points don't need to be connected to a wired LAN.

6. Wireless adapters are optional when you are using a WLAN.

7. Hotspots can only be round inside a building.

8. The Internet is an example of a LAN.

9. Wireless WANsuse fibre and cable as linking devices.

10. Enterprise Private Network is a public network.

11. VPNs make links via wire devices.

12. Extranet is the same as Internetwork.

13. An overlay network is a telephone network.

3. Use the words in the box to complete the sentences.

LAN WLAN nodes peer-to-peer hub server backbones


1. All the PCs on a … are connected to one … , which is a powerful PC with a large hard disk that can be shared by everyone. 2. The style of … networking permits each user to share resources such as printers. 3. The star is a topology for a computer network in which one computer occupies the central pan and the

remaining …. are linked solely to it.

4. At present Wi-Fi systems transmit data at much more than 100 times the rate of a dial-
up modem, making it an ideal technology for linking computers to one another and to
the Net in a … .

5. All of the fibre-optic … of the United States, Canada and Latin America cross Panama.

6. A … joins multiple computers (or other network devices) together to form a single network segment, where all computers can communicate directly with each other.

4. Fill in the gaps in the network description with the words from the box.


ports monitoring traffic services data center nodes transmit


The RETN network is designed to (1) … huge amounts of IP (2) … and to lease large capacity channels. The network currently comprises 1 GE, STM-16 and 10 GE channels.

Reference network (3) … are located in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, London, New York, Stockholm, Helsinki, Washington D.C., Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Network (4) … and management is performed from a Network Management Center, which is located in Moscow. Currently, the main (5) … of the RETN network are IP traffic transmission along with connection to main stream nodes using (6) … with a capacity from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, leasing MPLS VPN L2/L3 channels with bandwidth up to 10 Gbit/s and collocation of equipment in its own (7) … in Saint Petersburg, and in the data centers in Moscow, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and New York, using connection ports with a capacity of up to 1 Gbit/s.

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