Read the conversation in pairs and do the tasks below.

  1. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  2. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  3. A. Read the texts below.
  4. Act out the dialogues below in pairs
  5. B. Below is list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
  6. B. Practice the following conversation with a partner using the substitutions in the box.
  7. Conversation
  9. Conversational formulas
  10. Conversational formulas

Mr. Power (P): Yes, Miss Wright? What is it?

Miss Wright (W):Mr. Hudson wants to speak to you, sir.

P: Im very busy at the moment. Ask him to ring later.

W: Yes, sir.

P: Oh, and Miss Wright? Tell Chris to photocopy the Directors report.

W: Yes, sir. Anything else, sir?

P:Yes. Tell Miss Davis not to ring her boyfriend on the office phone.

W: Yes, sir. Hello? This is Mr. Powers secretary

Mr. Hudson (H): Yes Hudson, here.

W: Im afraid Mr. Powers busy at the moment. Can you ring later?

H: All right what about this afternoon?

W: Yes, thatll be all right.

W: Oh, Chris?

Chris (C): Yes, Miss Wright?

W: Mr. Power wants you to photocopy this report.

C: Oh, yes Ill do it later.

W: No, Chris do it now I know its important.

W: Miss Davis! Did you ring your boyfriend on the office phone yesterday?

Miss Davis (D): Well, yes I did but it was urgent.

W: Hmm I think Mr. Power heard you. He wasnt very pleased about it. Dont use the office phone for personal calls.

D: No no, Miss Wright I wont do it again Im sorry.

P: Miss Wright? Did you speak to Mr. Hudson?

W: Yes, I did. I asked him to ring later. He says hell ring you this afternoon.

P: Thats fine. Has Chris photocopied that report yet?

W: Not yet but I told him to do it immediately. I think hes doing it now.

P: Good. Did you tell Miss Davis not to ring her boyfriend from here?

W: Oh, yes I told her not to use the office phone for personal calls she says she wont do it again. Im sure she wont.

P: I hope she wont her boyfriend lives in Australia!


Ex. 1. Answer the following questions.

1. How can you prove that it was really a busy office?

2. Why didnt Mr. Power want Miss Davis to ring her boyfriend on the office phone?

3. Mr. Power was an efficient boss, wasnt he? How can you prove it?

4. Was Miss Wright an efficient secretary? Why do you think so? What are her duties?

Ex. 2. Act out a similar dialogue. Use the information about secretarial duties from Translation .

Telephoning: Getting Through

Monique Dumont works for Execo in France. She wants to speak to David Payton, a customer in Sydney. His assistant answers the call. Read the telephone conversation below in pairs. Then do the tasks that follow.

A: Hello.

M: Hello. Could I speak to David Payton, please?

A: Certainly. Whos calling, please?

M: This is Monique Dumont, from Execo.

A: Hold on one moment, please

Hello, Im afraid Davids in a meeting at the moment. Can I take a message?

M: Yes, could you ask him to call me back? Its about his trip to France.

A: Yes, of course. Could you tell me your number?

M: Yes, its 33 thats the code for France then 2-51-89-74.

A: 89-74. OK. Ill give him the message.

M: Thank you for your help. Goodbye.

A: Thank you for calling. Goodbye.


Ex. 1.Scan the conversation above carefully to find the phrases used for

- identifying the caller,

- giving a reason for the call,

- asking the caller to wait,

- giving reasons for absence,

- leaving a message,

- closing.

Ex. 2.David Payton returns Moniques call. He speaks to her assistant. Work with a partner and use the prompts below to help you have the conversation.

David Payton Assistant
1 Ask to speak to Monique Dumont. 2 Ask who the caller is.
3 Give your name. 4 Ask the caller to wait. Say sorry Monique is absent. Give a reason (in a meeting/at lunch/on holiday).
5 Ask if Monique can call you back. Give a reason for the call (trip to France). 6 Ask for the callers phone number.
7 Give your number. 8 Repeat the number. Ask the caller to spell his/her name.
9 Spell your name. 10 Repeat the spelling. Say you will give Monique the message.
11 Say thank you and goodbye. 12 Say thank you and goodbye.

Ex. 3.Now change the roles. Repeat the same dialogue, but use your own names.


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