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Discuss these questions with your partner.

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1) What advantages of geography, people, and natural resources does your own country have?

2) How has it exploited its comparative advantages?

3) Are trade restrictions a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion? Why?

4) Do you know whether your country uses tariffs or quotas on imports?

5) Do you think any country has a completely open economy?

Listening: Free Trade

(Market Leader, New Edition, Intermediate Business English CB by D. Cotton, Unit 1)



Write an essay “The trade partnerships of your country with other nations”. First, do some research and find out what and how your country trades with others. Then use this plan to organise your answer.

INTRODUCTION   - Explain that you are going to write about your government's trade partnerships nowadays. - Mention that historically these partnerships haven't always been the same.
PARAGRAPH 1   - What absolute advantages does your country have (natural resources or strong industries)? - What are the main exports from your country (goods and services)? - Which countries do they go to? - How does this affect your country's international trading?
PARAGRAPH 2   - What are the main imports into your country, and where are they from? Why are these imported? - Do other countries have an absolute or comparative advantage in these goods?
PARAGRAPH 3 - Are there any barriers to trade? If there are, why do they exist?
CONCLUSION   - Sum up your country's international trading partnerships in two sentences. Write 200-250 words

Module 3 Business Correspondence

Reading 1: Business letters

A. Study the following example of a business letter.

Letterhead or Heading Compuvision Ltd Warwick House Warwick Street Forest Hill London SE23 1JF UK
Reference (File Number) Your ref. 6 May 20__ Your ref. DS/MR
Date   11 May 20___
Inside Address Messers Pooles&Jackson Ltd Bredgrade 51 DK1260 Copenhagen K Denmark
Attention line Attn Ms Kaasen (Private and Confidential)
Salutation Dear Ms Kaasen
Subject Line Non-payment of invoice 322/17
Body of the letter It appears from our records that, despite several reminders, the above invoice remains unpaid. Unless the account is cleared within 14 days from the date of this letter, we shall take legal action.
Complimentary close   Yours sincerely.
Signature Mary Rayner
Per pro   p.p. Donald Sampson  
Job Title   Sales Manager  
Enclosure (Added information)   Enc.  
Copies   c.c. Messers Pooles & Jackson, Solisitors  


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