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A. Answer the questions.

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1) What is an integral part of this Contract?

2) What firm will pay all freight/loading and insurance charges?

3) How will be the payment effected?

4) In what case does the Seller pay penalty?

5) When is the Seller entitled to reclaim the goods?



B. Here are some notes on an agreement between the Company of Professional Congress Organizers (CPСО), specialists in organizing congresses, and the Confederation of International industries (CII), who are planning to hold a congress. On reading the notes you are supposed to do exercises.

Contract notes

Terms of agreement between CPCO and CII, regarding The Industry Congress 2012:   CPCO shall 1 … as a consultant and make necessary arrangements for the conference. 2 … in planning meetings. 3 …the organizational and administrative work. 4 ..., immediately before and during the conference, special office and secretariate.   CII shall 5 … responsible for the professional, technical and scientific content of the programme. 6 … a scientific secretariate.   CPCO agrees to 7 … a budget. 8 … fees. 9 … a final account of all receipts and expenditure. CII agrees to 10 … an advance cash flow to the conference account until receipt of fees or other income. 11 … overall financial responsibility for the conference. 12 … CPCO to act on their behalf. Cancellation: CII shall assume responsibility for all costs in the event of cancellation.   (Note: An appropriate arbitration clause - with the title of an Arbitration Tribunal and the stipulation that any hearing be conducted in an acceptable language to both parties - should be included, along with details of the financial agreements already agreed.)

C. There are twelve verbs missing from the text. Choose the correct one from the three possibilities given below.

1) act / present / be

2) participate / invest / address

3) require / undertake / meet

4) invite / set up / deliver

5) be / pay / earn

6) compete / provide / fax

7) purchase / trade / draw up

8) call / demonstrate / collect

9) sell / produce / let

10) count/maintain/solve

11) manufacture / accept / train

12) authorize / distribute / receive

D. What does the agreement say about these six questions, asked at a planning meeting. Complete the table.

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