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E. Match the definitions with the words in italics from the text.

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1) an official meeting which is arranged to collect facts about a problem

2) person giving expert advice

3) settling of a dispute by an outside person

4) stopping of something planned from going ahead

5) section of a contract

6) a particular condition or requirement

7) the conditions of an agreement that must
be accepted by both sides

8) companies or people involved in a legal agreement

F. Mike Winter, of Winterwear, has signed a contract with a supplier in Hong Kong. Study the details of the contract and its terms.

Sales Contract

Contract No 601/87 Date........................   This contract is made between SUPREMA LTD hereinafter called the Sellers, and WINTERWEAR LTD hereinafter called the Buyers, for the sale and purchase of the undermentioned goods subject to the terms and conditions herein.   Description: Cotton goods: men's garments per pair (trousers, jeans, shirts) Quantity: 400 Trousers (mixed sizes) 1000 Jeans (" ") per annum for three years 2000 Shirts (" ") per annum for three years Packing: Export cartons Price: Trousers: US $6.50 per pair Shirts: US $5.50 each Jeans: US $5.75 per pair Total Value: US $19350.00 per annum Shipment: For delivery at port of Liverpool on the following dates: first shipment on or before July 1st 2010; second and third shipments on or before June 1st 2011 and 2012 Special conditions: Buyers reserve the right to cancel or refuse delivery after the above dates. Payment: By confirmed irrevocable letter of credit in favour of SUPREMA LTD. HONG KONG, available against sight drafts, after each shipment.   AS WITNESS THE HANDS OF THE PARTIES For and on behalf of For and on behalf of WINTERWEAR LTD SUPREMA LTD ……………… ………………………… Buyers Sellers


herein (after) - in this document

undermentioned - described below

subject to - according to

the hands - the signatures

the parties - those signing the contract

Terms and Conditions

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