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Friendly, informal, helpful, aggressive, formal, hostile, polite, impatient


Ex. 2. Listen once again and say which of the following statements are “True” or “False”.

1. The consignment will arrive late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

2. It will take about an hour to unload each truck.

3. Five trucks from Alpha will be delivering the goods.

4. If the truck arrives on Saturday, they will be able to unload it.

5. They can start unloading as early as 8.30.

Ex. 3. Listen to the two phone calls again. How does each speaker make himself sound more friendly and helpful in the second call?

Highlight the expressions that you think are most useful in a telephone conversation. What other similar expressions can you add to each balloon?

If you require some


you can say:


Or you can write:


When someone gives you some information

you can comment or reply:





If someone asks you for information you can reply:


If you want to give someone some

information you can say:



Or you can write:


If someone hasn’t given you enough information you can say:



Ex. 4. Work in pairs. Imagine that you’re on the phone. You each have a copy of the same price list – but both copies are partially illegible! You’ll need to ask questions to find out the missing information. Before you make the call, look again at the phrases above.

Imagine that you work for the same company, but you don’t know each other well. So you should speak politely to each other.


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