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Mr Green: Er if I could come in here

Chairman: Yes, Mr Green?

Mr Green: Id just like to say that the targets that Jim suggests would be unacceptable to my people. I mean, I cant see that a level of 4,500 is realistic. Im sure Ms White would agree.

Ms White: Well, no actually it seems to me that 4.5 thousand for the year is quite easily achievable. We had a 22% increase in turnover last quarter, after all. I think the others would agree with that.

Others: Mmm! Oh yes.


Miss Grey: Id say that the important thing for us to agree on first is the colours well be offering in the new product range. Theres a contradiction between the reports weve been getting from our marketing interviews and from what Mr Brown suggests. The people we talked to found both the orange and yellow prototypes very appealing. Id like to know why Mr Brown thinks that we should stick to last years colours.

Chairman: Mr Brown?

Mr Brown: I resent the tone of Miss Greys question there. She seems to think that interviews with potential customers should govern our entire policy when it comes to colour. Its well known that tastes change very rapidly when it comes to this aspect of a product. My suggestion is based on 23 years in this business and I think I know what Im talking about. Besides, manufacturing the product in two new colours would increase our production costs by approximately 4 ½ %.

Miss Grey: I see, I didnt realize that.

Chairman: All right, well lets leave it there, shall we?


Mr Black: If were going to spend that much on promotional literature, we need to make sure were getting a good quality product.

Mrs Scarlet: How do you mean, Mr Black?

Mr Black: Well, Mrs Scarlet, the leaflets weve had done so far have been designed by our own publicity department. And quite frankly, the dont look professional enough.

Mrs Scarlet: I think theyve been doing quite a good job. And do you have any idea how much contracting this out would cost?

Mr Black: Well, no I dont, but maybe we should find out.

Chairman: Mrs Scarlet, would you be prepared to do that?

Mrs Scarlet: But Yes. All right.

Chairman: Fine, next


Ms Pink: I think stuff training should take preference in this case.

Chairman: Yes, well, thank you, Ms Pink. Mr Gold you dont agree?

Mr Gold: NO, not at all. In my experience, stuff training is just an excuse for time-wasting. If anyone needs to find out anything they can do that on the job, when they need to.

Ms Pink: All right, with new documentation procedures, that may be true but half the stuff in your section have no idea how the computer works.

Ms Gold: They know as much as they need to know.

Ms Pink: But if they knew more, they could make it work for them instead of regarding it as a piece of technical equipment.

Mr Gold: We could give it a try, I suppose.

Chairman: Well, perhaps you could draw up some guidelines, Ms Pink?


Chairman: Yes, Mr Dark?

Mr. Dark: Id like to raise a point about office services.

Chairman: Yes.

Mr Dark: As you all know, we have a big turnover of staff in our section. And a number of our new staff have come to me very upset recently. I had one girl in tears yesterday. The problem is that if they want someone in the office services to do anything for them, they have to know exactly who to ask. I mean, its easy for the old hands theyve learnt whos in charge of what. But if you approach the wrong person there, you just get a sarcastic or a superior answer and no help at all. I think that Mr Bright should talk to her people and tell them to be more considerate. And it would be a big help if she should draw up a clear handout explaining who is responsible for what. Its just not fair, otherwise.

Ms Bright: Goodness, I think youre over-reacting, Mr Dark. It was probably Shirley or Ted again. But if you think itll help Ill have a word with them. Once you to know them theyre very nice, they just seem fierce. And we already have a handout like the one you describe. If you havent got a copy, Ill send you one.

Mr Dark: Thank you, Ms Bright.


Ingrid Muster: This is Ingrid Muster (INGRID MUSTER) calling from Berlin. Can you tell Mr Hanson that Ive had a problem with flights. The one I was going to book on is full theres a big football match on apparently. So, the earliest I can make it on Friday is 2.30. Im sorry about this, but theres nothing I can do. It does mean we can continue the meeting as long as we like into the evening, though. Can you let your people know, please? I know that Linda has to travel down from Glasgo that day at least she wont have to set off quite so early. The other thing is, Id like to bring Petetr with me, if thats all right, yes? Hes done all the research on this project, so hes really the best person to put everyone into the picture. Can you book both into the Royal Hotel for the night of the 13th and cancel my booking for the night of the 12th?

Tim Hanson: Hello, this is Tim Hanson. Id like to give a message to Linda about the meeting on Friday the 13th. The thing weve have to change it because Ingrid cant get a flight from Berlin. So the new time is 2.30 instead of 10.30. But the lunch is still on and Linda is welcome to join us for that if she wants to. Couuld she call Mrs Burrows (BURROWS) on 345 0982 to confirm whether she will be joining us for lunch or not. Ah,and the meeting will go on at least till 6, probably longer, so maybe Linda will need to book a hotel room. She can do this herself, or again, she could call Mrs Burrows to do this for her. Ingrid and Peter are staying at the Royal, near the station. If thats full, the er the Imperial nearby is good. If there are any problems, call Mrs Burrows. Or you can get me at home this evening on 778 8021. OK?

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