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Second interview

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Interviewer: . . . yes, well, your CV seems pretty well up to scratch. Now, I wonder, can you tell me more about yourself?

Tom Richards: Um...well, I...

Interviewer: Yes?

Tom Richards: I...I'm...well, I think I’m serious...serious-minded, I...calm . . . Interviewer: You're calm?

Tom Richards: Yes, well, yes, I like a joke, though, good sense of humour. I don't panic in a crisis and I… I enjoy working with all kinds of people. I...I even like...um...p...people who are, you know, bad-tempered or something like that. Interviewer: Yes, but wh...where do you see yourself in let's say five years' time?

Tom Richards: Um...well, I...sort of the long-range thing. Well, I…I see myself in the public relations and...er...well, one day I must admit I would rather like to open up my own consultancy in my own home town.

Interviewer: Mhm, what is it specifically about Anglo-European PR that attracted you?

Tom Richards: Er...well, first of all, I want to leave my present employers because they're a small company and...er...I know about Anglo-European PR, I mean, they're a...they're a good company, larger. I think I'll have more scope...er...the work will be more challenging. I mean, quite a lot of what I do at present is quite boring, it's...it's routine secretarial work.

Interviewer: And...and you'd like to move on?

Tom Richards: Yes, if I could, you know, hopefully to a job that gives me more opportunity. So I can use my initiative.

Interviewer: Mhm.

Tom Richards: Can I just ask you this question? Excuse me...I'd like to know if I get this job with Anglo-European, would I be able to...um...work abroad in one of your overseas branches?

Interviewer: Oh, yes, certainly.

Tom Richards: Oh, good.

Interviewer: Um...our staff regularly do six-month placements in other branches.

Tom Richards: Six. Oh well, that's good.

Interviewer: So I’m sure you might. . .

Tom Richards: Um...that's what I’m interested in.

Interviewer: Mhm. Can I...d...I know we're all human beings here and I’d like to know wh...what you consider your strengths and your weaknesses.

Tom Richards: Um...strengths and weaknesses? Haha. Well, I.. I mentioned before, I think my sense of humour...er...and my ability to work with all types of people is a particular strength.

Interviewer: Yes.

Tom Richards: My weakness? I don't know, I suppose I’m a bit of a perfectionist...!...I'm quite often dissatisfied with what I’ve done. I always think I can do it better, you know, or in a different way.

Interviewer: I wouldn't call that a weakness, I’d call that a strength.

Tom Richards: Well...ah...well, that's good, well...I mean, apart from that I...I suppose I get a little bit sort of full of the 'Wanderlust' and that's why I want to travel. I’m easily bored with repetition and…er...and procedure.

Interviewer: Do you have a lack of commitment?

Tom Richards: No, not at all. No...er.. .once my goals are set and I've got the right sort of initiative then...er...I...I’m as committed as anybody.

Interviewer: Not one of these people who wanders off?

Tom Richards: No, not at all.


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