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First interview

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Interviewer: Good morning, Miss...

Sue Jones: Miss Jones. Good morning.

Interviewer: Miss Jones, yes, right. Hi. Urn...now, you'd like to join our team, I gather.

Sue Jones: Yes, I would.

Interviewer: That's...that's very good. Er...Pd like to know a little bit about you. Perhaps you could tell me...perhaps we could start...if you could tell me a bit about your education.

Sue Jones: Oh yes, right. Well, I left school at 18 and for the first two years I went to Gibsons, you might know them, they're an engineering firm.

Interviewer: Ah, yes, right.

Sue Jones: Um...and after that, I wanted to do a course, so I...I did a one-year full-time PA course and went back to Gibsons. I was PA to the Export Director. I stayed there for another two years and. ..and then moved on to my present company. Um...that's Europa Marketing...um...Mr Adair, the marketing director, offered me a job because Gibsons had... had worked quite a lot with Europa Marketing.

Interviewer: Oh, yes, Europa Marketing...yes.

Sue Jones: And I’ve been with them for three years now...um...first with the Marketing Director and.. and now I’m with the Sales Director.

Interviewer: That's all very interesting, Miss Jones. Um...I...I’d like to know, what did you enjoy most at school? What was the course that you enjoyed most?

Sue Jones: Ah...foreign languages I liked best.

Interviewer: Foreign languages?

Sue Jones: We did French and German. Yes.

Interviewer: Mhm. And are you quite fluent in those now or . . . ?

Sue Jones: Yes, a bit rusty now, but...um.. obviously the more travel I can do the more I can use my languages and I'd like to learn another language. I’d like to add Italian as well.

Interviewer: Italian?

Sue Jones: Yes.

Interviewer: Very good, very good, that...that might be very useful. Now...er...tell me a little bit about...er...the work you're doing at present.

Sue Jones: Um...well Europa Marketing is a marketing and publ...public relations company.

Interviewer: Yes, I’ve heard of it.

Sue Jones: And they do...they do consultancy work for companies operating in the UK and European markets. Er… our clients come from all over the world...um...we deal with some of them by...by post, but most of them come to our offices and at least once during a project. I assist the Sales Director by arranging these visits, setting up meetings and presentations and I…I deal with all her correspondence. I've not been able to go with her on any...on any of her trips abroad, but I...I've been to firms in this country, several times on my own...um...to make these arrangements.

Interviewer: It sounds as if you're very happy there, Miss Jones. I'm curious why you'd like to leave them and join our company?

Sue Jones: Well...um...I know the reputation of Anglo-European and it has a very good reputation. And I feel that I would have more scope and opportunity in your company and the work would be more challenging for me. I might be able to possibly travel and use my languages because at the moment most of my work is...is rather routine secretarial-type work and I like the idea of more. ..um...challenges in my life really . . .

Interviewer: Yes, aha, aha.

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