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XIV.Turn the following into the Past Perfect Continuous. Add other words indicating a past moment as in the model.

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Model: He has been waiting for her for an hour. – He had been waiting for her for an hour when she came.

1. He has been working in CID for ten years.

2. They have been quarrelling for a long time.

3. The teenagers have been skating for an hour or two.

4. I have been wearing this uniform for four years.

5. My father has been serving in the army for a long time.

6. The students have been writing their compositions for twenty minutes.

XV.Answer the questions:

Model: Did he study fingerprint identification at the University? Yes he did. He studied it .

How long had he been studying fingerprint identification when he was a cadet?(for a year).

He had been studying it for a year.

1. Did she live in Leningrad in 1941?________________.

How long had she been living there when the war broke out? (for four year)____________.

2. Did this lieutenant colonel work at the University before he retired? ________________.

How long had he been working there before he retired? (for twenty years)_______________________.

3. Did the security officer watch the shop- lifter in the department store yesterday?_________________.

How long had he been watching him in the department store before he arrested him?(for an hour) ___________________________.

4. Did the policemen listen to that record

How yesterday?_______________________________________.long had they been listening to it before they could understand all the words?(for forty minutes)_____.

5. Did you stay at the hotel when you were in London?____________.

How long had you been living there when your girl- friend arrived? (for a fortnight)____________________.

XVI.Comment on the Past Indefinite, the Past Continuous, the Past Perfect and the Past Perfect Continuous:

1. She was tired – she was very tired. It seemed to her that she had been tired for a very long time.

2. Father went to the drawing – room, where I was sitting with a book.

3. The investigator listened, but could not follow what being said.

4. When it was time to go I asked if I could see the rooms I had lived in for five years.

5. Nobody knew he was going to London on Sunday.

6. All the stories in this book were written before the first World War.

XVII.Read a situation and then write a sentence:

Model: They began to swim. After half an hour there was a terrible storm.

They had been swimming half an hour when there was a terrible storm.


1. He had arranged to meet her in a restaurant. He arrived and began waiting. After 20 minutes he realized that he had come to the wrong restaurant. He ……….. ……………… when he………………………… .

2. When the platoon commander waked into the room, it was empty. But there was a smell of cigarettes.(somebody / smoke/ in the room)

Somebody …………………………………………………………… .

3. When we came back from the police station, we looked very tired.

(we / to print a lot of documents / for five hours). We………………. .

4. Two cadets came into the lecture hall. They had a football and they were both very tired. (they/ play/ football/ two hours). They …………… .

5.A recruit woke up in the middle of the night in the screw’s quarters. He was frightened and he didn’t know where he was.(he/ dream). He ………………………………………………………………… .

XVIII.Put the verb into the correct form Past Perfect Continuous or Past Continuous:

1. When the professor entered the hall a cadet was on his hands and knees on the floor. He …(look) for his pen.

2. When the orderly officer came into the screw’s quarters, everyone was sleeping. Their eyes were closed but they feigned sleep. They …. (talk, chatter).

3. When the husband arrived, his wife … (wait) for him. She was rather annoyed with him because he was late and she … (wait) for a very long time.

4. I lost my camera when I ….(walk about the city).

5. I saw your sister in the party. She … (were) a really beautiful dress.

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