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Description of Wanted

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Twin Falls Idaho, Tuesday, July 30, 2002, a white male entered the Lynwood branch of Wells Fargo Bank at 1329 Filer Ave. in Twin Falls, Idaho. The suspect approached the teller and demanded money. A small firearm was displayed. The suspect placed the money into a green/tan coloured back pack. The suspect was wearing a camouflaged cap with a camouflaged type scarf covering his face and neck; with a black fleece type jacket with gray, long sleeves and baggy sweat pants.

The suspect is described as a white male, of middle- sized (nearly 1m 80 cm). His weight is about 70 kg. He is well- made and has broad shoulders. His hair is described as bald on top and black hair on the sides, similar to a crew cut, round faced, with a goatee or moustache or both. He has a dark complexion. He walked with a halt.

A review of the bank video revealed that the suspect was driving a Ford pick- up truck, red or burgundy in colour, possibly between the years of 1985 and 1993. It has a white shell with windows on the sides and rear. It also appears to have chrome running boards.


Lexica- grammatical exercises

III. Find in the text the words of the same root:

appearance; tell; impossible; entrance; play; description; driver; banker.

IV. Match nouns (B) and adjectives (A):


cap black

shoulders male

complexion round

white dark

face camouflaged

hair broad

V. Give English equivalents for the following word combination.

- підозрюваний

- касир (в банку)

- вогнепальна зброя

- військова сумка / рюкзак

- коротко підстрижене волосся („їжачок”)

- фізично розвинений

- ходити шкутильгаючи, шкандибати

- борода

- вуса

- темний колір обличчя

VI. Answer the following questions:

1. What happened in the Lynwood branch of Wells Fargo Bank on July 30, 2002?

2. Did the suspect have fire- arm?

3. What was the suspect wearing?

4. What did he look like?

5. What hairstyle did the suspect have?

6. How many centimeters in height was he?

7. Did he have any distinguishing features?

8. What car did the suspect drive?

9. Did the car have any distinctive marks?


VII. Describe the appearance of the suspect.


VIII.Match the words and phrases in column A with those in column B.



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