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A networking process is one of the main aspects of any project. Each network uses an individual framework. Usually, a network group consists of counter- trafficking and law enforcement experts and representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, and a number of InternationalOrganizations (IOs) and NGOs. The network group meets four times a year in order to discuss the project and research findings, exchange relevant information and provide recommendations for counter- strategies addressing the problem.

The network group starts preparatory activities. During the meetings the participants exchange information about the project and provide their opinions on the information gathering tools for the framework. Meetings focus on the presentation and discussions of the preliminary findings and observations of the project’s research component. The findings indicate a variety of answers. The network group recommends development of common legislative tools. Participants of the meetings decide to establish a multi- agency coordination group to address the problem of trafficking. The structure of the coordination group is very important. The coordination group consists of several departments. The network group manages the networking process at this stage; it controls the mechanisms of cooperation between the partner organizations.

The participants discuss the recommendations of the network group and present their conclusions.


Lexica- grammatical exercises

III.Answer the questions:

1. What kind of activities does the network group start?

2. What do the meetings focus on?

3. What problems do the participants of the meetings discuss?

Discuss the questions in groups of two or three.

4. What kind of networking activities do you know?

5. What helps you establish networking relations with your partners or partner organizations?

6. Do you personally represent any network groups?

IV.Your organization is participating in a project within a counter- trafficking framework. You will need to collect as much information as possible about your partner organizations in different countries and their contact details. You will also need to arrange a network group meeting.


Make a telephone call to your colleague to talk about a network group meeting for the upcoming project.

A: You want to do the following during the phone call:

1) Note down when and where the network group meeting will take place.

2) Suggest that these people attend the meeting:

Irina Pavlovskaya, telephone number (095) 249 08 16;

Bozena Lenat, telephone number (361) 108 08 57.

They are country representatives for Russia and Slovenia. Their participation is crucial for establishing the future network.

B: You want to do the following during the phone call:

1) Tell your colleague when and where the network group is meeting.

Details are as follows:

Location: Commercial Institute

19 Langdon Street


Date/time: Friday, 29th August, at 13.00

2) Note down the names and phone numbers of two people you need to invite to the meeting.


Write an enquiry to the Interpol asking for contact details of one of your prospective partners.

V.Which of the following are good ways of dealing with conflict in a negotiation? Discuss with a partner.

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