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Akiko Tanaka is fond of swimming.


Внесите свои ответы в таблицу:


II. Заполните анкету:

Personal Information
First name: _____________________ Middle name: ___________________
Family name: __________________________________________________
Date of birth: ___________________________________________________
Native language: _________________________________________________
Gender: ______ Marital status: _________ Children: ___________________

(Please indicate age)
Mailing address: _________________________________________________
Postal code:____________ City:______________ Country:_______________
Home telephone: _________________________________________________
(Please indicate area code in brackets)
Mobile: ________________________________________________________
(Please indicate area code in brackets)
E-mail: _________________________________________________________


III. Прочитайте деловое письмо и вставьте пропущенные словосочетания (a-j) в пропуски (1-10):


Company, Inc.

123 Alphabet Drive

Los Angeles, California 90002

15 November 2012


Ms. Susan Smith

Supervisor of Product Development

Pet Supply Provider, Inc.

472 Canine Road

Los Angeles, California 90002


Dear Ms. Smith,

It was (1) ___________ at the conference (2) ________. As we discussed, I (3) ______________ that the widget gizmo produced by Company, Inc. can (4) _________ streamline your (5) ________________. If you are still willing, I would like to bring some of the (6) _______________________ along with me to meet with you at Pet Supply Provider, Inc. We would like to give you an (7) ___________________ and discuss with you (8) _____________ to suit your needs.

Meeting in person would allow us to fully evaluate (9) __________. Our team is available to meet any time this week or next. Please let me know, at your earliest convenience, when you would (10) ____________________.



Sam Brown

Vice President of Company, Inc.


a) greatly

b) production process

c) the best plan

d) sincerely believe

e) a pleasure meeting you

f) key members of my team

g) your wants and needs

h) last week

i) be available

j) overview of our services


Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу:



IV. Расположите слова в предложениях (1-6) в правильном порядке и прочитайте текст телефонного разговора:

1. you, package, me, Can, tell, when, you, will, collect, the

_______________________________________________________ ?

2. equipment, our, It’s, concerning, order, for, office

_______________________________________________________ .

3. the, delivered, wrong, with, package, Something, is, you

________________________________________________________ .

4. my, concerning, LO 743 KL, package, It’s, number, tracking

________________________________________________________ .

5. our, happened, to, What’s, delivery


6. sent, to, the company, wrong, You, delivery, our

_______________________________________________________ .


V. Подберите к названиям профессий (1-10) соответствующие им определения (a-j):

1. сashiera.someone in charge of a particular branch of a bank,

shop in a chain of shops

2.broker b. someone whose job is to manage part or all of a

company or other organization

3.managerc. someone who buys and sells shares in companies for

other people

4.branch d. someone whose job is to receive or pay out money in a


5. programmere. someone whose job is to provide a particular product


6.supplier f. someone whose job is to write computer programs

7.insurerg.someone whose job is to take packages somewhere

8.financierh. someone whose job is to provide insurance

9.courier i. someone who controls or lends large sums of money

10.steward j. someone who protects something or responsible for it,

especially something such as public property, or



Внесите cвои ответы в таблицу:



VI. Соедините части предложений (1-10) и (a-j) по смыслу:

1.Over the past three years, a.to use their initiative.

2.We are encouraging people b. which we all follow.

3.We want to empower employees c.so we delegate responsibility.

4.And a happy teamd.we’ve changed the company culture here.

5.We hope that there is noe. with a 48% share of consumer spending.

6.The firm has a strict code of conduct f.is more productive.

7.We are the market leader g.to bestimulated - not stressed.

8.We also want our peopleh.racial or sexual discrimination

9.To keepquality high i.in a just-off-time basis.

10. We supply parts to car manufacturers j. we do spot checking throughout the day

Внесите cвои ответы в таблицу:


VII. Вставьте в пропуски (1-10) предлоги (a-j):

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