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Vadim Kufenko is specializing in marketing.


Внесите свои ответы в таблицу:


II. Заполните анкету:

Personal Information
First name: _____________________ Middle name: ___________________
Family name: __________________________________________________
Date of birth: ___________________________________________________
Native language: _________________________________________________
Gender: ______ Marital status: _________ Children: ___________________

(Please indicate age)
Mailing address: _________________________________________________
Postal code:____________ City:______________ Country:_______________
Home telephone: _________________________________________________
(Please indicate area code in brackets)
Mobile: ________________________________________________________
(Please indicate area code in brackets)
E-mail: _________________________________________________________

III. Прочитайте деловое письмо и вставьте пропущенные словосочетания (a-j) в пропуски (1-10):


Luis Antonio de Oliveria

53, rua Maria Angelica

22461 Rio de Janeiro Brasil


Joy Gilbert


P.O. Box 2435

London W1AA 7WW


Dear Ms. Gilbert,

I’m writing (1)_________ to your advertisement for a Marketing Manager in (2) _______ Sunday Times. I’m 39 years old, Brazilian, with (3) __________ from University of Sao Paolo, and an MBA from (4) ________________, Los Angeles.

I speak (5) ____________, and have (6) __________ of Spanish. I’m (7) _______________________, independent, and enjoy (8) ________________. I can provide (9) __________ if necessary. Please find enclosed my (10) ___________.


Yours sincerely,

Luis Antonio de Oliveira


a) hardworking

b) a challenge

c) fluent English and German

d) a medical degree

e) in response

f) a good knowledge

g) full reference

h) the University of California

i) resume

j) last week’s


Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу:




IV. Расположите слова в предложениях (1-6) в правильном порядке и прочитайте текст телефонного разговора:

1. Well, Chen, goodbye, Mrs, then

________________________________________________________ .

2. hope, We, you, your, enjoyed, stay

________________________________________________________ .

3. glad, interesting, that, your, We’re, visit, was

________________________________________________________ .

4. was, again, both, great, seeing, It, you

________________________________________________________ .

5. see, hope, you, again, So, soon, we

________________________________________________________ .

6. have, flight, Goodbye, and, a, home, good

________________________________________________________ .


V. Подберите к названиям профессий (1-10) соответствующие им определения (a-j):


2.tax inspector









a. someone whose job is to buy and sellgoods of a particular type in large quantities; a wholesaler

b. someone whose job involves encouraging people to buy a particular company’s product by deciding the price, type of customer, and advertising policy

c. someone who works for the government, deciding how much tax a person or company should pay

d. someone who helps another manager, does their work when they are not there etc

e. someone whose job is to receive and pay out money in a bank

f. someone who works in a bank in an important position

g. someone whose job is to provide insurance

h. someone who controls or lends large sums of money

i. someone who buys and sells goods or stocks

j. someone whose job is to carefully examine a situation, etc in order to provide other people with information about it



Внесите cвои ответы в таблицу:


VI. Соедините части предложений (1-10) и (a-j) по смыслу:

1.We get the raw materials for our furniture

2.Our products are

3.Wewant consumers to associate our brand name

4.I think that TV is the most

5.If salaries rise then our direct costs

6.We check on customer service by sending

7.We use a professional advertising agency

8.Last year, our sales turnover

9.Our site has a search engine

10. Retailers buy from wholesalers and


a.for a small, exclusive niche.

b.powerful advertising medium.

c. then sell on to their customers.

d. with value for money.

e. mystery shoppers into our stores.

f.from south-east Asia.

g.will eat up all our profits.

h.so you can look for key words.

i.to run our marketing campaigns.

j. was 5% higher than our forecast.

Внесите cвои ответы в таблицу:


VII. Вставьте в пропуски (1-10) предлоги (a-j):

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