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  2. Томас Мэлори (Thomas Malory) ок. 1417-1471

657 Holly Tree Way

Rolesville, NC 27571

(919) 555-0023



A highly organized, solutions-oriented manager experienced in all aspects of administration. Promote effective employee relations including optimized scheduling, orientation and policy implementation. Emphasize teamwork in developing innovative support strategies for quality client relationships. Implement high attention to detail in written documentation.


Operations Administrator- DURABLE ATLANTIC GROUP - Raleigh, NC

8/06 - present

Provide administrative support to President, VP’s and engineers including proposal preparation and final distribution to prospective and current clients.

Orient new employees with telephone set-up, computer equipment and office

organization. Update employee directory and route important information to

appropriate staff. Utilize Microsoft Office skills to provide word processing services to 30 employees. Track and maintain office needs including ordering supplies and handling copier and fax machine related issues. Increased efficiency by implementing a postage meter to save company money and travel time. Developed and initiated a recycling program for the workplace.

Branch Office Administrator- HENDERSON MILLER INVESTMENTS - Rolesville, NC

2/03 – 8/06

Managed all administrative responsibilities for branch location of Henderson Miller including completing and submitting branch reports. Client support included using Goldmine contact management software to track business contacts and manage the financial advisors’ schedule. Provided our clients with the utmost service to make each one of them feel valued.

Administrative Assistant- AMERICAN BANK OF N.C., N.A. - Raleigh, NC 8/97 - 7/00

Provided administrative support for three banking officers. Duties included typing correspondence for all triangle branches, updating them on new rules and regulations and operational issues. Mailed out-going materials to branches daily. Utilized organizational skills to coordinate and schedule roving staff on a daily basis to cover people out on vacation at various branches. Kept track of the roving employee time sheets and vacation. Answered and directed six incoming phone lines. Assisted department in handling all customer complaints and other banking related issues that couldn’t be handled in the branches. Coordinated and planned ongoing training classes for the regional branches quarterly. Worked with local authorities on a daily basis investigating fraudulent activities dealing with banking customers such as bad checks, robberies, counterfeit situations, etc. Kept track of all cases on a daily basis until they were closed. Ordered supplies and kept stock room and copy room neat and organized.


Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration

East Carolina University - Greenville, NC


Experienced in Windows, MS Office Suite, Goldmine Contact Management Software and mid-level equipment set-up and trouble-shooting.

Oпределите, являются ли утверждения (1-5) a) истинными или b) ложными:

1. She provided support for several banking offices.

2. Laura has great organizational skills.

3. Her job did not involve handling customer complaints.

4. She has a diploma in business administration.

5. Laura planned training classes.

Внесите свои ответы в таблицу:


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