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1. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

1. Airplane noise can (to be) a much greater disturbance to sleep than other noises.

2. Research (to indicate) that near a major airport – London (Heathrow)

3. Airport – the number of people awakened by airplanes is about 50% greater than the number awakened by other noises.

4. If we (not to isolate) the problem it is going to overtake the country.

5. As a result of the diffusion of air traffic, airports (to tend) to occupy very large land areas with multiple runways, and large airspace’s involved in landing and takeoff procedures.

6. In the area around London (Heathrow) Airport, the population (to increase) by 30% since 1963.

7. An increasing number of people (to work) in airports and in other areas of the aviation industry.

8. There (to be) signs that people’s tolerance to airport noise (to decrease), particularly as socio-economic status improves.

2. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

a) today’s, why, reliant, transportation, is, means, world, of, the, so, on?

b) health, endanger, could, lives, industrial, and, some, incidents, people’s.

c) it, for, continuously, to, production, possible, rise, automobile?

d) percent, total, of, origin, waste, 30, nearly, of, industrial, is, Europe’s.

e) repear, of, removal, for, a, is, company, there, and, the, responsible, the, vehicles, old?

f) not, cars, in, many, there, abandoned, our, are, area.

g) waste, Commission, visit, in, should, the, and, Sanitation, the, a, area, vicinity, developed, schools.

h) happen, what, her, or, environment, worked, if, the, to, immediate, everyone, would, in, to, his, proximity?


3. Change the following sentences, active to passive, passive to active.

1. Personal mobility for work, study and leisure is considered an essential faset of modern life.

2. Emissions from industrial activities also impact the environment.

3. This pollution can be reduced through environmentally clean technologies or emissions – abatement technologies.

4. Forests serve many important functions for the environment and man, society should take special care to preserve and manage them.

5. The Industrial Revolution changed the course of human history.

6. Human activity affects the urban environment.

7. Waste should not be put into the environment.

8. Wildlife is also disturbed, plants and saplings are trampled, and litter accumulates.


4. Match a line in A with a line in B to make a sentence.

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