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As a whole — в целом

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5. much remains to be done — еще многое предстоит (оста­ется) сделать

УПРАЖНЕНИЯ Упражнение 17.Просмотрите текст 2А и ответьте на вопросы.

1. What is this text about? 2. What is ecology? 3. How does wa­ter (air) become polluted? 4. Why is the problem of water pollution becoming a global problem?

Упражнение 18.Найдите предложения с глаголом-сказуемым в Present Continuous, переведите.

1. Water and air are becoming more and more polluted. 2. At present computers are more widely used in the sphere of education. 3. Where were you at six o'clock? We were studying in the read­ing-room. 4. There are government and public organizations that are analysing data on land, forest and air. 5. New courses of educa­tion such as management are being organized in many institutes. 6. What will you be doing in the laboratory tomorrow morning? We shall be watching the operation of a new device. 7. Measures are being taken to save Lake Baikal. 8. The situation at Lake Baikal is remaining very serious. 9. Much attention is being paid at present to the development of international scientific contacts. 10. Science is becoming a leading factor in the progress of mankind.

Упражнение 19. А.Найдите предложения с глаголом-сказуемым в Continuous Passive, переведите.

1. Cambridge University was formed in the 12th century. 2. The solution of ecological problems may be achieved only by joint efforts of all countries. 3. Great changes in people's lives and work were brought about by the scientific and technological progress. 4. The theory of interaction of atmospheric and oceanic processes is being developed to determine the weather of the planet. 5. The teachers at Cambridge are called «dons» or «tutors». 6. Computers and la-

sers are being widely introduced at plants and factories. 7. The most important ecological problems must be considered at the govern­ment level. 8. The training at Cambridge and Oxford is carried out by tutorial system.

В. Переделайте предложения из действительного в страдательный залог.

1. Не is writing a letter at the moment. 2. John was preparing report all day yesterday. 3. We are learning grammar now. 4. At present mankind is making considerable investments to eliminate air pollution. 5. Today the changes in the global climate and wa­ter balance are bringing about serious changes in the environ­ment. 6. Many scientists are constantly carrying out experimental work to solve the problem of environment protection. 7. The com­pany is making plans for the future.

Упражнение 20.Найдите предложения, где it является формальным под­лежащим, личным местоимением или входит в состав усилительной конст­рукции; переведите.

1. It is dark here. Please, turn on the light. 2. It was Gagarin who was the first man to orbit the Earth. 3. Our students study strength of materials. It is a very difficult subject. 4. Mathematics is studied at all technological institutes because every engineer must know it well. 5. It is the most interesting article on this subject. 6. It has become evident that ecological problems can be solved only on the global level. 7. Joint efforts of people throughout the world make it possible to achieve some progress in environment protec­tion. 8. It is the development of robots that will solve some very complex problems of industry. 9. It is evident that research is be­coming more specialized now. 10. The use of the new equipment made it possible to minimize the number of workers. 11. It is indus­trialization that is making ecological problems very serious.

Упражнение 21.Определите функции one и that, переведите предложе­ния.

1. The problem that has become the most important one is the problem of pollution. 2. One can easily understand why the profes­sion of an engineer requires a special college training 3. The new technologies that are being developed must be connected with tra­ditional ones. 4. That air and water pollution by industrialization is reaching dangerous levels is realized by everyone. 5. It is the inven­tion of an engine that started the first industrial revolution. 6. The main purpose of education is that graduates must be able to work

with the technology of tomorrow. 7. The education in Oxford and Cambridge is different in many ways from that in other universities. 8. We discussed the first industrial revolution, the one that took place some centuries ago. 9. New robots will have several manipu­lators that will carry out many functions. 10. That computers and robots are important for industrial uses is well known to scientists and engineers. 11. One must realize that the increasing number of cars brings about considerable pollution of the air. 12. It is the growth of industrialization that is changing the climate of the planet. 13. The essential feature of higher education in this country is that it combines theory with practice. 14. The simplest materials are those which have only one kind of atoms. 15. That the Earth is round was unknown for a long time. 16. It is found that the labour (труд) of a man with secondary education is 108 per cent more effi­cient than that of a man without that education. Moreover, the work of a university or college graduate is 300 per cent more effi­cient than that of a specialist with secondary education.

Упражнение 22.Переведите предложения с союзами сравнения.

1. The bigger the cities are, the greater the pollution is. 2. The more computers and robots are used in industry, the quicker tech­nological progress will be. 3. The more automobiles appear in the streets, the worse the air in the cities is. 4. The more effective is the technology, the quicker is the development of this country. 5. The quicker we joint our efforts in protecting the environment, the quicker the ecological problems are solved.

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