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One can take this journal from the library.

Упражнение7. Переведите предложения с that в различных функциях.

1. That student studies in our group. 2. Do you know those girls? They are from our institute. 3. The professor that lectures on mechanics is the dean of our faculty. 4. It is known that the knowledge of general engineering subjects is the basis for the study of special subjects. 5. We know that the study of general engineering subjects is necessary for future engineers. 6. That higher education in this country is excellent is known to everybody. 7. The aim of to­day's foreign policy is that peace in the world should be perma­nent. 8. The programme for the first-year students differs from that of the third-year students. 9. There are many interesting articles in this journal, read those on your speciality. 10. It is the high qualifi­cation of future specialists that will determine the scientific and technological progress of any country.

Упражнение 8.Дайте недостающие степени сравнения.

(the) biggest, longer, faster, (the) hardest, (the) heaviest, thin­ner, narrower, lower, (the) greatest, newer, colder, (the) hottest, (the) shortest, less, (the) worst, more.

Упражнение 9.Поставьте прилагательные в сравнительной или превос­ходной степени.

1. Moscow University is (large) University in Europe. 2. Strength of materials is (difficult) than chemistry. 3. Is it (interesting) to study at the institute than at school? 4. My friend works (hard) at his English than I. 5. My brother is (old) than I but he is (short). 6. The University is one of the (tall) buildings in Moscow. 7. Days in summer are (long) than in winter. 8. This group studies (good) than that one. 9. Oxford is (old) University in Britain.

Упражнение 10.Ответьте на следующие вопросы.

1. Which is the most difficult subject for you? 2. Which is the easiest subject? 3. Which of the subjects is more difficult: physics or mathematics? 4. Who is the tallest in your group? 5. Which is the most interesting subject for you? 6. Is English as difficult as mathe­matics?

Упражнение 11.Заполните пропуски словами than, as ... as, not so ...as.

1. In winter days are ... long ... in summer. 2. Chemistry is... dif­ficult ... physics. 3.1 study English ... long ... my friend. 4. My sister is older ... I. 5. English is ... so difficult... mathematics. 6. Moscow is bigger ... Tallinn. 7. This machine is ... old ... that one. 8. The new transistor is more powerful... the old one. 9. The task of school education is ... important... that of higher education. 10. John is ... tall ... his brother, but he is ... tall ... his father.

Упражнение 12.Переведите обороты в сравнительной степени согласно образцу:

The longer the nights, the shorter the days. Чем длиннее ноны, тем короне дни.

1. The harder we study, the more we know. 2. The more you work, the better you know English. 3. The more we study nature, the more we know about it. 4. The nearer the earth is, the denser the atmosphere is. 5. The stronger the wind, the harder the condi­tions of work for weather observers. 6. The quicker we finish, the sooner we will go home.

Упражнение 13.Найдите в каждом ряду прилагательные в сравнительной степени и переведите их.

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