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D. Вставьте антонимы выделенных слов.

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  1. B. Найдите к словам в колонке А антонимы из колонки В.
  2. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо
  3. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
  4. Вставьте в пропуски артикли, если это необходимо.
  5. Вставьте в пропуски необходимый артикль.
  6. Вставьте нужный пропущенный предлог.
  8. Например: Вставьте пропущенные слова.
  9. Образуйте от следующих существительных прилагательные и наречия. Дайте русские эквиваленты этих слов.

1. Public transport in Hong Kong is cheap,but in London it is...

2. Paris has the Metro railway below groundand a large bus system ...

3. People should ... and finishwork at different time to reduce peak hour traffic jams.

4. City administration try to encourage people to use ... trans­port, not privatecars in the city center.

5. An electronic device can record the absenceor ... of any per­son at the office.

6. The public transport available in Baltimore is very poor,while in Sidney it is ...

E. Найдите в тексте А независимый причастный оборот. Переведите.

Упражнение 6.Заполните пропуски следующими словами:

reduce transportation advantage car per traffic public transport source study average routes increase symbol atmosphere number motor vehicle reduction solve

The private (1) ... has dramatically improved the comfort, speed and individual freedom of movement. The automobile has become a status (2) ... The car brought people much closer to places of work, (3) ... and entertainment.

However, the use of private cars can also be a (4) ... of many most serious problems today. The car is a disadvantage as well as an (5) ... It pollutes the (6) ..., may be involved in dangerous acci­dents, and by its very numbers blocks roads and chokes (душить) cities. In New York City, 2.5 million cars move in and out of the city each day. In this (7) ..., the average speed is sometimes 8.1 miles (8) ... hour. This speed could easily be reached by riding a horse instead of driving a (9)... But New Yorkers continue to drive, just as people in London where the (10)... speed in certain particu­larly overcrowded (11) ... is only 2 miles per hour. Most people be­lieve that the car is a necessary part of life in today's world. Car owners usually do not consider other methods of public (12) ... such as bus, train or bicycle.

The only way to (13) ... these problems is to reduce the use of private cars. How can we do it? We may (14) ... access to parking spaces in the cities and simultaneously (15)... the quality and avail­ability of public transport. Cars could not be permitted in certain parts of the city, thus making people walk and use (16) ... The cost of buying and running a car can be increased with a corresponding (17) ... in the price of public transport. The reduced (18) ... of cars on the roads means less pollution.

Упражнение7. Назовите прилагательные с окончанием -able/-ible, озна­чающие:

that can be moved that can be used or obtained

that can be reached that can provide comfort

that can be managed that may be permitted

that can be solved that can be changed for new needs

Упражнение 8.Заполните таблицу на словообразование.


Verb Noun Person Adjective
compete • • • • • • ...
  action • • •  
  ... transporter ...
... ... • • • productive
assemble ... • • •
• • • manufacture  
found • • • • • •
• • • drive • • •
• • • • • • reducible
... ... ... indicative

Упражнение 9. А.Назовите 15—20 ключевых слов и словосочетаний на тему «Road transport».

В. Speak about:

1. The current public transport problems in your city or town, its safety, speed and comfort.

2. The role and importance of a private car in your own life.

3. The changes in technology (manual assembly — mass assem­bly lines — robotics — computerized production).

4. Offer your own ideas on traffic management improvement in your area.

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