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Тесты входного контроля

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Выберите правильный вариант

1. My brother _____ English magazines. 2. _____ you got a flat in Kiev? 3. He _____ very busy today. 4. _____ the floor clean? 5. _____ you well? 6. How many students _____ present? 7. Who _____ thin paper? 8. Who_____ making the poster? 9. There_____ many children on the sports-ground. a. has b. have с. is d. are  
10. We have _____ textbooks. 11. She is _____ fond of her work. 12. We have _____ three English classes today 13. My brother is_____ an architect 14. Mary has_____ English books. 15. I have _____ much ink in my pen. a. no b. not  
16. (Эти) books are thin. a. This b. These с. That d. Those
17. What colour are (те) pens? a. That b. Those с. These d. This
18. (Этот) house is of modern design. a. That b. These с. This d. Those
19. (Это) is our classroom. a. That b. This c. These d. Those
20. Are these (чистые) notebooks? a. nice b. good с. clean d. brown
21. (Какая) book is this? a. That b. This с. What d. Who
22. What are (это)? a. this b. that c. whose d. these
23. (Где) is your flat? a. Why b. Where с. What d. When
24. Have you got (тонкие) notebooks? a. grey b. clean с thin d. thick
25. He has (мало) friends here. a. many b. few c. a lot of d. little
26. She has (много) bread. a. few b. little c. many d. much
27. - Give me your pen, please. -(Пожалуйста). a. Thank you c. Very good b. Please d. Here you are
28. (Сколько) rooms as your brother got? a. How many с. Where b. How much d. Why
29. (Назовите по буквам) your name, please. a. Begin reading b. Spell с. Speak d. Not al all
30. (У кого) has clean paper? a. What b. Who c. Where d. why
31. What is her (фамилия)? a. family b. flat с. parent d. second name
32. What is (её) father? a. her b. his c. my d. their
33. Where are (их) parents? a. her b. his c. their d. its
34. They are busy with (своими) делами. a. her b. his c. their . d. its
35. - What colour are the walls in that room? - (Её) walls are grey. a. Her b. Its с. His d. Their  
36. (Наша) flat has five rooms. a. My b. His с. Their d. Our
37. Who is (отсутствует)? a. present b. absent с. ill d. married
38. I have (только) one brother. a. with b. also с. very d. only
39. Spell the (слово) "factory". a. sentence b. word c. dash d. letter
40. I am (свободен) today. a. busy b. free c. well d. married
41. Tom is looking (просматривает) the new magazines a. at b. for с. through d. in
42. Ann is busy (потому что) she is working at her design, a. why b. because с. through d. always
43. Is your sister а (второго курса) student? a. third-year b. first-year с. final-year d. second-year
44. Tell us (несколько) words about your studies. a. many b. few c. a few d. little  
45. (Некоторые из нас) are fond of tennis. a. which of you с some of us b. some of them d. few of them
46. Show us (какую-нибудь) picture. a. few b. some с. a few d. any  
47. My son is fond of (рисование). a. making b. slogan с. drawing d. paint  
48. There are (различные) offices in this building. a. modern b. various c. comfortable d. high
49. She is (всегда) late. a. clean b. married e. every d. always
50. He has (больше) free time than I have. a more b. most с. better
51. (Лучше) late than never. a. better b. best c. worse
53. This is the (самый удобный) chair a. more comfortable b. most comfortable с. less comfortable
54. He plays tennis (хуже) than you.   a. better b. worse с. worst  
55. We have (меньше) flowers than they have.   a. less b. least с. fewer  
56. They have (меньше) white paper than we have. a. less b. least с. fewer  
57. Winter is the (самое холодное) season in a year. a. cold b. coldest с. colder  
58. These stones are (слишком) easy for you. a. much b. too c. more
59. He (собирается) to paint a picture a. is fond of b. wants c. is going  
60. This book is (такая же грудная) as that magazine. a. more difficult b. as difficult c. not so difficult
61. It is not (так тепло) in autumn as in winter a. warmer than b. as warm as с. so warm
62. My daughter is (гораздо моложе) than your age a. less younger b. much younger с. youngest  
63. Let’s listen to the (последний) news. a. next b. latest с. last
64. (Необходимо) for you to help your friend. a. it is possible b. necessary c. it is necessary
65. Как поживают ваши родители?   a. Are your parents, quite well? b. Where are your patents? с. How are your parents? d. Are your parents at home?
66. Сколько лет вашей дочери?   a. How is your daughter? b. How old is your daughter? с. How many daughters have you?
67. Он неправ. a. He is late. b. He is sorry. c. Не is wrong.
68. Boris has no father. His father is_____. a. worker b. absent с. dead d. social work
69. Ann _____ sport and she has a lot of time for it. a. is fond of b. is present с is free d. is ill  
70. Olga is busy with her graduation design because she is_____. a. a young architect b. fond of reading с. married d. a final-year student
71. His mother is a pensioner _____ she is old. a. quite b. why с. because d. only
72. We have no white bread. We have only _____ bread. a. brown b. grey с. good d. bad  
73. I am very fond _____ sport. a. of b. with c. in d. about  
74. Tom is busy _____ his design. a. with b. at c. on d. of
75. His ties are _____ the box. a. on b. in с. at d. under
76. The paper is _____ the shelf. a. on b. at с. in
77. Speak English _____ class. a. in b. on с. at
78. Put the plates _____ the table. a. in b. at с. on
79. Come _____! Why are you late? a. in b. into c. out of d.-
80. Students are coming _____the classroom. a. of b. in c. to d. into
81. Comrade A. is _____ duty today. a. of b. in с. on d. for
82. There are a lot of flowers _____ the monument. a. above b. - с. over d. around  
83. Let's listen _____ the tapes! a. - b. to c. into d. of
84. _____ what language are they speaking? a. At b. In с. On d.-
85. There is a garden _____ the house. a. about b. for с. in front of d. through
86. There is an electric lamp _____the table. a. - b. over с. through d. after
87. Are these pictures_____ modem artists? a. at b. by с. after d. -
88. There is a low table _____ the corner. a. of b. on с. in d. at
89. Show_____ me your new bag. a. - b. on с. to d. in
90. He is giving his pen _____ Mary. a. - b. of с. to d. into
91. Let's answer _____ those questions. a. on b. - с. to d. for
92. Ann is writing _____ a pencil. a. with b. - с. in d. on
93. I have _____ lot of English books. 94. His father is _____ old. 95. She is _____ architect. 96. These are _____ nice ties. 97. That is _____ good plan. 98. The plans are on _____ table. 99. _____ my plates are good. 100. Close _____ window, please. 101. There is _____ map on the wall. 102. There are _____ flowers in the garden. 103. Give me _____ your bag, please. 104. What colour is _____ floor in your room? a. a (an) b. the с. -  
105. Пусть он покажет нам свой плакат.   a. Show us his poster. b. Let him show us his poster. с. Let's show him his poster.
106. Давайте расскажем им о наших планах.   a. Let's tell them about our plans. b. Don't tell them about our plans. c. Let them tell us about their plans.
107. На столе лежит какая-то книга.   a. The book is on the table. b. There is some book on the table. с. There are some books on the table.
108. Книжный магазин находится в центре города.   a. There is a bookshop in the centre of the town. b. The bookshop is in the centre of the town. c. There are some bookshops in the centre of the town.
109. В шкафу лежат несколько иностранных журналов.   a. There are some foreign magazines in the bookcase. b. The foreign magazines are in the bookcase. c. Take some foreign magazines from the bookcase.
110. Кто рассказывает им о нашей работе?   a. Who is speaking to them? b. Who is working with them? c. Who is telling them about our work?
111. I _____ you speak English? 112. Where _____ your son study? 113. I can't translate this text because I _____ not know these words 114. Peter _____ not go in for sports this winter because he is unwell. 115. _____ it snowing now? 116. _____ it often rain in autumn? 117. _____ it still dark? 118. What circle _____ you going to join? 119. My father _____ too old to do this work. 120. How long _____ it take you to get to the institute? a. do b. does c. is d. are  
121. I am sorry I am late. _____ I come in? 122. P: ___I read or translate the text? T. Read it, please. 123. My sister studies French. She _____ already speak French a little. 124. It is late. I _____ go home. 125. Must I describe the picture? No, you _____ not. 126. May I take these magazines home? No, you _____ not. a. must b. can с. may d. need  
127. My brother _____ home late as a rule. a. come b. comes c. is coming
128. Look! Your brother _____ home. a. go b. goes с. is going
129. What are you doing? I _____ a book. a. read b. reads с. am reading
130. When do you _____? a. get up b. gets up c. getting up
131. Are you _____ to smoke? a. go b. goes с. going
132. It does not _____ me long to wash and dress in the morning. a. take b. takes с. taking  
133. Does it sometimes _____ in summer? a. snow b. snows c. snowing
134. Go on _____, please. a. read b. reads с. reading
135. My sister is fond оf_____. a. skate b. skates с. skating
What place will the adverb take in the following sentences:
136. He (a) is (b) late (c). often
137. She (a) goes (b) skiing (c). seldom
138. You (a) speak (b) French (c). badly
139. She (a) is (b) at home in the evening (c). usually
140. We (a) take (b) books home (c). always
141. You (a) speak (b) English (c). well


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