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When I was just fifteen a police car where I live in Arizona, USA ____________ (take) me to the police station. My crime? Earlier that night, I _______________ (be) out with my friends in the park. I __________________ (not realize) that it was after 10 p.m. and the police _________ (arrest) me. Yes, in Arizona any teenager under 16 has to be at home by 10 p.m. and because I _______________ (forget) that, I ________________ (be) in the police station that night. I couldn’t phone my parents until the police _____________ (take) my fingerprints and ________ (ask) me some questions. Then I _____________ (phone) my dad and he _____________ (take) me home.


Exercise 85 Find and correct the mistakes, using Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect.

This man stopped a drink driver. But he is the one in trouble with the police.

Last weekend Jason Turner had seen a drunk get into a car and drive off. A year earlier another drunk driver was injuring a friend of his when he was knocking him off his motorbike. So, Mr. Turner, a 36-year-old financial dealer, had followed the drunk in his own car. As they had driven along Mr. Turner had shouted at the other driver. He was telling him to stop the car. But the other driver hadn’t taken any notice. Mr. Turner later was telling police that it was only then that he was trying to hit the other car. “The other car drove very dangerously”, Mr. Turner had said. “And I was stopping him”. The police didn’t agree. Mr. Turner had to pay $1500 for dangerous driving.


Exercise 86 Translate into English.

  1. Когда я пришла домой, всю еду уже съели.
  2. Я начала убирать в квартире, после того как гости уехали.
  3. Мы пришли в кинотеатр и купили поп корн.
  4. Он пришел домой с работы уставшим, поужинал и лег спать.
  5. Он лег спать, после того как поужинал.
  6. Когда я пришла на работу, я поняла, что забыла дома мой мобильный.
  7. Он пошел спать, когда досмотрел фильм до конца.
  8. Я никогда раньше не писал эссе.
  9. Рука очень болела, потому что я ударилась, когда убирала дома.
  10. Когда я пришла домой, мама уже приготовила обед и мыла посуду.


Unit 8

Exercise 87Complete the sentences using the words below.

baseball cricket cycling football hockey volleyball
  1. The World Cup is every four years in __________________.
  2. There are eleven players on each team in ______________. Everyone wears white. It’s very popular in England.
  3. _____________ has two teams of six players. You can play it on the beach.
  4. One of the most important sports in the USA is _____________. New York Yankees are a famous team.
  5. _____________ can be dangerous. You usually play in winter. It’s very popular in many countries.
  6. The Tour de France is one of the most important competitions in _______________.

Exercise 88 Complete the text using the words below.

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