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Match the parts of the face to the correct number. Choose from the words below.

Cheek parting mouth fringe forehead eyebrow nose ear moustache eyelash chin neck jaw beard throat

5.2 Complete the diagram with words from the texts.

Text 1

He saw a tall, handsome woman dressed with careful and expensive informality in a black cashmere sweater with a silk scarf at the throat and fawn trousers. It was a distinguished face with deep-set, widely-spaced eyes beneath straight brows, a well-shaped, rather secretive mouth and strong, graying hair swept upwards and curled into a chignon.

(Adapted from Devices and Desires by P. D. James)

Text 2

She wore a pale blue sweater and a grey flannel skirt, schoolgirl’s clothes, which made her seem younger than her age. She was about twenty-five. Her face was framed by thick hair, in a colour midway between blonde and brown, and held back by a black velvet band. The skin was fine and she had large, rather beautiful dark blue eyes, with long colourless lashes.

(Adapted from Lewis Percy by Anita Brookner)

Text 3

Temple was a small stocky man in his early forties. His jaw line had long ago disappeared into one of his chins. His pepper and salt hair was cut short with a parting in the middle and he had a dark bushy drooping moustache that grew well over his top lip. His nose was small, almost snub, and his eyes were pale.

(Adapted from The Icecream War by William Boyd)

Glossary Browseyebrows Chignona type of hairstyle popular with older women. The hair is twisted into a kind of knot at the back of the head. Lasheseyelashes Pepper and salt hairhair which has both black and grey mixed in it Fawn beige



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