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The country closely follows the Chinese method of controlling the Internet, but though more ideologically rigid, the regime does not have the money and technology that China has to do this. It has Internet police who filter out “subversive” content and spy on cybercafés. Cyber-dissidents are thrown in prison and three have been in jail for more than three years for daring to speak out online in favour of democracy.

1. True or false?

1. 15 countries mentioned in the text are “enemies” of the Internet because usually attack different sites and crash bloggs and e-mails. 2. In most countries the regime uses its monopoly of the communications system to block access to the Internet. 3. In Belarus,China and North Korea governments dislike criticism so block access to opposition websites.

4. China is the world’s biggest prison for cyber-dissidents.

5. In Cuba to go online one must have a special permission.

6. An access to the Internet is limited in Iran, Saudi Arabia to protect citizens from content that is offensive or violates Islamic principles and social standards.

7. In Tunisia people have some prohibited sites but have great opportunities in e-mailing.

8. In Turkmenistanpeople can use the Internet only at home asthere are no Internet cafés and the Web is accessible only through certain companies.

9. A lot of cyber-dissidents are thrown in prison in Iran, Libya, the Maldives, Syria and Vietnam.

10. Some countries follow the Chinese method of controlling the Internet.



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