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Complete the following sentences with the words and expressions from the box. Translate the sentences.

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County court; jury; coroner’s court; judge; Crown court; magistrate; solicitor; barrister; House of Lords; Court of Appeal.


a.A ____ is a civil or criminal court to which a person may go to ask for an award or sentence to be changed.

b.A ____ is one of the types of court in England and Wales which hears local civil cases.

c.A ____ is a court in England and Wales where minor crimes are judged. It can also commit someone for trial or sentencing in a Crown Court.

d.A ____ is a court above the level of a Magistrates’ court which hears criminal cases.

e.A ____ is a group of people (usually 12 ordinary members of public) who judge a court case in a Crown Court.

f.A ___ is a court presided over by a public official (usually a lawyer) who investigates sudden, unexpected and violent death.

g.A ___ is a lawyer who gives legal advice, writes legal contract, and represents people in the lower courts of law (for example, in Magistrates’ court or county court).

h.A ___ is a lawyer in England and Wales who is allowed to speak in the higher law courts (for example, in the Crown Court).

i.A ___ is someone who makes decisions in a court of law (for example, in a Crown Court, he/she may send someone to prison).

j.The ___ is the highest court of appeal in the UK (although anyone who is unhappy with a decision made here can appeal to the European Court of Justice).


16. Translate the following text into English:

Особенностью Верховного суда (Supreme Court) Англии и Уэльса является то, что он состоит из трех судов:

- Высокого суда

- Суда Короны

- Апелляционного суда.

Высокий суд имеет гражданско-правовую юрисдикцию, Суд Короны – уголовно-правовую, а Апелляционный суд рассматривает жалобы (complaints) на их решения.

В составе Высокого суда имеются три отделения:

- Отделение королевской скамьи

- канцелярское отделение

- отделение по семейным делам.

Отделение королевской скамьи рассматривает сложные гражданские дела.

Канцелярское отделение решает дела, связанные с управлением имуществом и банкротством.

Отделение по семейным делам рассматривает сложные семейные споры.

Суд Короны имеет уголовно-правовую юрисдикцию. Дела рассматриваются судьей-профессионалом и присяжными.

Апелляционный суд рассматривает жалобы на решения Высокого суда и Суда Короны.


17. Read this short text and answer the question:

What kind of people are Magistrates?

In Britain, the vast majority of judges are unpaid. They are called ‘Magistrates’ or ‘Justices of the Peace’ (JPs). They are ordinary citizens who are selected not because they have legal training but because they have ‘sound common sense’ and understand their fellow human beings. They give up time voluntarily.

A small proportion of judges are not Magistrates. They are called ‘High Court Judges’ and they deal with the most serious crimes, such as those for which the criminal might be sent to prison for more than a year. High Court Judges, unlike Magistrates, are paid salaries by the State and have considerable legal training.

Magistrates are selected by special committees in every town and district. Nobody, not even the Magistrates themselves, knows who is on the special committee in their area. The committee tries to draw Magistrates from as wide a variety of professions and social classes as possible.


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