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Review vocabulary for the text by reading and translating the following

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To coexist with the state courts; to vary from state to state; state’s minor trial courts; more serious criminal cases; to take the bar exam; to hear civil cases; to handle cases of serious crime; to be appointed for life; to fall within federal jurisdiction; to sit alone; to violate the law; to hear and decide a wide array of cases; to become legally binding.


6. Find in the text above the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

- суды штатов

- частные лица

- суд последней инстанции

- подать иск

- федеральные суды

- подавляющее большинство

- трех ярусная система судов

- окружные суды

- высшие суды

- низшие суды

- исключение

- попадать под юрисдикцию

- на всю жизнь, пожизненно

- рассматривать дело

- Верховный суд США.



7. Match the name of the courts with their jurisdictions:

1. Supreme Court 1. Most of the criminal and civil cases are tried by

this court.

2. Court of Appeal 2. It hears appeals from lower courts.

3. District Court 3. It has the right to declare unconstitutional any law

passed by Congress.


8. Read the sentences completing them according to the text:

1. The American court system is complex, mainly because of …

2. The structure of state courts varies …

3. The state’s minor trial courts have various names: justice courts, … .

4. The federal courts coexist with …

5. Federal courts are also organized in three tiers: district courts, courts of appeal and …

6. … are appointed for life.

7. Individuals fall under jurisdiction of two different court systems … and … .

8. … are the lowest ones in the Federal court system.

9. The Supreme Court has … headed by Chief Justice.

10. The decisions of the Supreme Court are …


9. Answer the following questions:

1. Who is responsible for making laws in the US?

2. Name American courts in the descending order.

3. In what way are the federal courts organized?

4. Where does litigation begin?

5. What does the word «to appeal» mean?

10. Use these words in the following sentences and translate them:

unconstitutional executive

appellate Associate

Supreme Chief

1. The head of the judicial organ of the USA is the …Court.

2. The Court is made up of the … Justice and eight … Justices.

3. If the Constitution does not give Congress the power to pass a certain law, the Court declares the law …

4. Unconstitutional laws cannot be enforced by the President and his … officers.

5. The Court of Appeals has only … jurisdiction.


11. Read the information about federal courts system in the USA and translate (into Russian):

Courts of Claims The government can be sued for unpaid salary,

property taken for public use and personal injuries for

which the Federal government is responsible.

The Court of Claims consists of a chief justice and 4

associate justices who are appointed by the President

with Senate approval.

Customs Court This court deals with all the cases arising at the customs

when goods enter the country. This court was

established in 1890 and is located in New York

where most of its business is conducted.

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