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Retell the text.

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The word EVIDENCEhas the following meanings in Russian:

1) доказательство

Evidence at law – судебные доказательства

2) показания

Evidence for the defence – показания свидетелей защиты

3) улики

Evidence of crime - улики

4) свидетельство

Written evidence – письменное свидетельство


Match the following English expressions with their Russian equivalents:

1. evidence in the case 1. вещественное доказательство

2. evidence on oath 2. доказательства вины

3. to give (offer) evidence 3. доказательства или показания по делу

4. to plant evidence 4. доказательство из первых рук

5. to weigh evidence 5. заключение эксперта

6. to withhold evidence 6. косвенное доказательство

7. evidence of guilt 7. лжесвидетельство

8. circumstantial evidence 8. ложное доказательство, показания

9. conclusive (decisive) evidence 9. недостаточное доказательство

10. expert evidence 10. неопровержимое доказательство

11. false evidence 11. оценить доказательства

12. first hand evidence 12. показания под присягой

13. insufficient evidence 13. скрыть доказательства

14. irrefutable evidence 14. сфабриковать доказательства

15. perjured evidence 15. окончательное, решающее

16. physical evidence 16. давать (предоставлять)

17. evidence wrongfully доказательство, доказательства

obtained 17. доказательства, полученные с

нарушением закона.


Just for fun

Read the following jokes. Try to retell them. You may do it in Russian:

1. A friend of a judge dropped in for a visit one morning before court opened

and looked around. «Goodness, you certainly have a lot of criminals to try this

morning, haven’t you?» he observed.

«Oh, not so many», answered the judge. «You are looking at the wrong bench – those are lawyers».

2. Lawyer: «Now that we have won, will you tell me confidentially if you stole

the money?»

Client: «Well, after hearing you talk in court yesterday, I am beginning to think I didn’t».

3. Judge: «Have you anything to say before I pass sentence on you?»

Prisoner: «Yes, Your Honour, I should like you to have your lunch first».

4. A man was accused of stealing a pair of trousers. After a long examination

he was acquitted, because the evidence against him was not sufficiently strong. He

stayed, however, in the dock after his acquittal had been pronounced. The

lawyer who had defended him, observing that he didn’t go away, informed him

that he was free to go whenever he wanted. The man shook his head slightly,

but remained. By this time the court was nearly empty. Again his lawyer told

him that he could go.

«I can’t go till all the witnesses against me have left the court», said the man.

«And why may that be?» asked the lawyer.

«Because of the stolen trousers, sir. I’ve got them on».

5. The defence lawyer was cross-examining a witness. He asked, «And you say

you called on Mrs. Jones, May second. Now will you tell the jury what she

said?» «I object the question», interrupted the prosecutor. There was nearly an

hour’s argument between the counsels and finally the judge allowed the

question. «And as I was saying», the defence lawyer began again, «on May

second you called on Mrs. Jones. Now what did she say?» «Nothing», replied

the witness. «She was not at home».

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