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Exercise3. Are the following sentences True or False.

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  1. Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.
  2. B Watch section 1. While watching number these sentences in the correct order from 1 to 6.
  3. B. Complete the following sentences with the Past Simple Tense of the verbs of the previous exercise.
  4. B. Write sentences in the way shown.
  5. C Use a dictionary to check any underlined phrases that are new. Then discuss with your partner whether you think the sentences are true or false.
  6. C./ translate the following sentences; mind the ways of rendering the geographical names.
  7. Choose between the infinitive and the gerund as the object to an adjective in the following sentences
  8. Complete the following using the Infinitive
  9. Complete the sentences 1-10 below with the gerund as subject. You should use your own variants. The first is given for you.
  10. Complete the sentences by putting the verb in brackets into Future Simple Passive.

1. The NIH consists of 26 separate institutes, occupies 75 buildings all over the world.

2. The goal of NIH research is knowledge that helps detect and diagnose disease and disability – everything from the rarest genetic disorder to the cancer.

3. NIH research has helped make possible some medical achievements, for example, mortality from heart disease, the number-one killer in the United States, dropped 41 percent between 1971 and 1991.

4. One of the first tests with protease inhibitors showed that only the drug made the amount of virus in the patients’ blood almost disappear, but that their immune systems rebounded faster than anyone had thought possible.

5. The death rate for strokes increased by 59 percent during the same time.

6. Unfortunately percentage of Americans who smoke has increased from almost 50 percent to approximately 85 percent.

7. Smoking is no longer permitted in most public buildings or on trains, buses, and airplanes traveling within the United States and most American restaurants are divided into areas where smoking is permitted and those where it is not.


Exercise4. Answer the questions:

1. What is the National Institute of Health responsible for?

2. What’s its contribution to the medical research?

3. What is the basic goal of NIH research?

4. What is considered to be the number-one killer in the USA?

5. Is the last result of research successful?

6. How did the NIH genetic research help to biomedical science?

7. Are the drugs worked out by universities’ laboratories and corporations to be tested by the NIH?

8. Which type of drugs was developed for treatment of the AIDS?

9. What are the main damages for our organism in the opinion of the NIH?

10. Which measure and treatment have the American research laboratories found in order to prevent different diseases?

11. Do such centers function in our country?



Illnesses:Ache, ear ache, headache, stomach ache, toothache, cancer, cold, cough, flu, heart attack, heart disease, infection, infectious disease, pain, virus, hemorrhage, to cause shock, arterial bleeding, to lose one’s consciousness, minor cuts, scrapes, burns

Treatment: Bandage, check-up, dose (of medicine), drugs, injection, give some an injection, medicine, take medicine, operation, pain-killer, pill, plaster, tablet, tranquilizer, anesthetics, lancet, whole blood, a sterile dressing, ointment, antibiotic, CPR

Health and Healthcare – People:Dentist, doctor, general practitioner, midwife, nurse, patient, specialist, surgeon, stretcher-bearer, paramedic

Health and Healthcare – Places:Hospitals, operating theatre, surgery, waiting room, ward, hospice, asylum

Health and Healthcare – Verbs:Tocatch, to cure, to heal, to hurt, to injure, to operate on, to prescribe, to make a prescription, to treat, to treatment, to give first aid to, to make a call to some place, to remove, to ambulance, to equip, to squeeze, to vomit, to fix, to subside, to deteriorate, to add, to fill, to mix, to pour, to shake, to stir, to make the first aid

Health and Healthcare – Adjectives:Fit, ill, sick, feel sick, be sick, healthy, unhealthy, painful, unwell, well

Plastic Surgery:plastic surgery, surgeon, liposuction, complication, Botox, silicone, trauma, face lifting, reduction scar.


Vocabulary Exercises:

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