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IV.Role-play the conversation

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V. Act out the following situations:

1. Going to your English classes you meet a friend of yours. Have a chat with him/her. Ask him/her how he/she is feeling, make inquiries about your close friends. The day is fine but you can’t stay because you have your classes at 10/

2. You see your neighbour waiting at the bus-stop. You greet him/her, make a comment about the weather and ask him/her about his/her family.

3. On your way home you run into your school-mate. You haven’t seen each other for a long time. You’ve got a lot of things to discuss.

4. The other day a friend of yours called on you. He looked somewhat unhappy. You wanted to know how he was getting on.

Самостоятельная работа студентов:


1. Creative project.To make a portfolio of a model.

Take pictures of fashion show and give a fashion commentary on the outfits of your show.


“… looks very feminine in her Indian skirt. It’s very comfortably and the colors go well with the top.”

To write an essay on the biography of one outstanding courtier.

Choose one of the following statements and make a one minute speech supporting it.

a. ‘You can know a person’s character from their clothes.’

b. ‘Clothes are becoming more and more aggressive in style.’

c. ‘Fashion has been greatly influenced by sportswear.’

d. ‘Fashion people look as though they are wearing a uniform, they are all so similarity dressed.’


Unit 9

Theme: Customs and traditions. Holidays.

Text:British customs and traditions

Grammar:Sequence of tenses.

Vocabulary:Holiday, traditions, celebration.

Focus:American holidays

Conversation practice: Socializing. (introductions)

CРС: to design a Christmas card, to write a poem

Практические цели:ознакомление с лексическим материалом по теме «Customs and traditions, holidays», введение грамматической темы «sequence of tenses», самостоятельная работа студентов.


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