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Complete the gaps 1-6 with missing parts A-G. One part is extra. Fill the table with answers.

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  3. Complete the diagram.
  4. Complete the dialogues using the Present Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.
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  6. Complete the sentences 1-10 below with the gerund as subject. You should use your own variants. The first is given for you.
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  8. Complete the sentences filling in the appropriate word from the box. Each word should be used once. Pay attention to the form of the word you insert.
  9. Complete the sentences, as in the example.

Britain has more than 90 universities. British universities can be divided into several categories. The foremost universities are the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, both founded in the middle Ages. England’s oldest institution of higher learning, Oxford University, is a federation of 35 colleges, 1__________. The University of Cambridge is a system of faculties, departments, and 31 independent colleges.

Another type of university is the so-called redbrick variety – old and solid schools built in the 19th century when bricks were the standard building material. An education act in 1992 changed the status of these colleges to universities. The large numbers of ultramodern universities 2____________ are often called cement block and plateglass universities.

London has its own great schools, the enormous University of London 3___________.

Students interested in advanced education can also attend polytechnics, 4____________.

An education act in 1992 changed the status of these colleges to universities.

Higher education can also be obtained through the Open University 5__________. They are taught through correspondence, television and radio programs, and videocassettes. The Open University also sponsors local study centres and residential summer schools. The purpose of the Open University is to reach people 6_________.


  1. and its world-famous college, the London School of Economics
  2. who may not ordinarily be qualified for university study
  3. that appeared in the last half of the 20th century
  4. which are schools dedicated to the sciences and applied technology
  5. which was founded in 1909
  6. each with its own structure and activities
  7. which offers extension courses

10. Преобразуйте предложение из действительного залога в страдательный (пассивный) залог:

e.g.: M.V. Lomonosov founded Moscow State University in 1755. (active).

Moscow State University was founded by M.V. Lomonosov in 1755. (passive).

a) The help of some foreign equipment producers achieved the university development.

b) The senior students always laugh at the freshman.

c) Our group met the dean yesterday.

d) Everybody listened to the lecture with great attention.

e) Every year the computers’ manufactures supply the market with many new models.

f) Many universities offer the system of double diplomas to their students.

Test II

(Units IV-V):

1. Translate into English:

a) упаковка;

b) изобретение;

c) невесомость;

d) стволовые клетки;

e) теплица;

f) ядерный;

g) солнечная батарея;

h) луч;

i) источник;

j) тепловой;

k) ветер;

l) уникальный;

m) биоматериал;

n) подход;

o) энергия.



2. Name the types of energy:

a) The sun’s rays that reach the Earth.


b) Air in motion.


c) The kind of energy, taken from wood, organic waste, trash.


d) The underground energy.


e) The energy based on the nuclear reaction.

3. Give three forms of the verbs:

V1 V2 V3

4. Match the two halves of the sentences:

1. The deeper into the Earth, towards its centre,   a) in 1986.
2.Many roofs in Vatican have already been b)on March 11, 2011.
3. One serious nuclear accident has occurred, in Chernobyl c)the hotter it gets.  
4. Another accident was at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan d) flexible barrier films, shrinkable films, packaging with modified gas atmosphere and vacuum.
5. Weightlessness allows the scientists e)covered with solar panels.
6. Nowadays we can use different types of food packaging such as f)a big step for particle physics.
7. Finding of Higgs boson has become g)to create new materials or find unknown and unusual features of the ordinary ones.

5. Find the English equivalents to the Russian words:

1) достижение

a) achievable

b) achiever

c) achievement


2) источник

a) resource

b) source

c) sound


3) энергия

a) energetic

b) energize

c) energy


4) эффективный

a) efficient

b) efficiency

c) efficiently


5) поверхность

a) surface

b) device

c) surprise



6) керамика

a) ceramic

b) ceremony

c) center



7) вакуум

a) vatican

b) vacuum

c) various


8) невесомость

a) weightfulness;

b) weightlessness;

c) weightless


6. Choose one variant to answer:

1) What fuel is used for nuclear reaction?

a) biogas;

b) uranium ;

c) wind;

d) oil.


2) What is wind energy?

a) air in motion;

b) water in motion;

c) hot gas in motion;

d) vacuum.


3) Who discovered the Higgs boson?

a) Edwin Hubble;

b) Samuel Morse;

c) Peter Higgs;

d) Alexander Fleming.


4) The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument:

a) near London;

b) near Geneva;

c) near Paris;

d) near Zurich.


5) What is less harmful for our planet?

e) Going by car;

f) Traveling by bus;

g) Walking on foot;

h) Sailing by ship.


6) What causes the global warming?

a) Oil manufacturing;

b) Pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;

c) Glaciers melting;

d) Intensive printing technology.


7) What source of energy is renewable?

a) Mineral resources;

b) Solar System;

c) Nuclear reaction;

d) Biomass energy.


8) Weightlessness allows the scientists to create:

a) new admixtures;

b) new problems;

c) new materials;

d) new creatures.



7. Use an appropriate modal verb:

Must, can, could, should, may, will

a) The robots … be very sophisticated and even unique.

b) The ability of motile gel to walk … be used to make some compounds of the future robots.

c) To stop global warming we … change some of our daily life habits.

d) We … use nuclear power very carefully in order to prevent undesirable nuclear accidents.

e) This construction of buildings … be heated by natural geothermal energy.

f) We hope that future generations … use other available sources of renewable energy.



  1. Find the words with similar meaning (synonyms):
1.research a.instrument
2.to study b.prior
3. tool c.sophisticated
4.power d.emit
5.previous e.investigation
6.motile f.mean
7. refine g.massive
8.huge h.to learn
9.intend i.movable
10.absorb j.energy
  1. Use reported speech:

a) He said, ‘I’m sure Tom will write me as soon as he can’.

b) She said, ‘I have just received the mail from the office’.

c) The manager said, ‘I’ll do it today if I have time’.

d) Susan said, ‘I saw him on the lecture last week’.

e) The teacher promised, ‘I’ll explain this rule to you tomorrow’.

f) ‘I’m sorry I told everyone your secret,’ my sister apologized.

g) ‘I didn’t give the money to him,’ the clerk denied.

h) I won’t return your driving license until you pass the test!’ refused the policeman.

  1. Construct the sentences with relative clause:

e.g.: I read the book. It was taken from the library.

I read the book which was taken from the library.


a)You recommendedme the article. I have read it.

b)Many people were injured in the accident. They are in hospitals now.

c)The nuclear station was destroyed during the earthquake. It won’t be reconstructed.

d)Geothermal energy is used for heating the buildings. It is taken from underground.

e)Solar panels are widely used in European countries. They convert solar energy into the electricity.

f)The Higgs boson proved the existence of super small mass particles. It was discovered in 2012.


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