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Anna is having lunch with her sister Barbara. Anna has just accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant. Her boss is an executive with a firm that manufactures heavy machinery used in construction.


Barbara You've got a new job, Anna. My congratulations.

Anna Thanks, Barbara.

Barbara Tell me a few words about your boss. What does he do?

Anna Well, he is one of the vice presidents of the company, so he's rather important. He is an executive.

Barbara Do you know the difference between an executive, a manager and an administrator?

Anna I am afraid I can hardly tell you the difference. I think these words are interchangeable and they really aren't different in many companies.

Barbara What about your company?

Anna In our company the top officers are called administrators. The next highest group - the vice presidents, the heads of major departments and branch plant managers - are executives like my boss.

Barbara Is that all?

Anna The group below consists of managers, they are general managers and foremen.

Barbara So I see that an organization has a number of positions and some people have more authority than others.

Anna You are right.

Barbara But it would be interesting to know more about the functions of an executive like your boss.

Anna I'd say he makes a lot of important decisions. He sets objectives, coordinates work, delegates authority, makes hiring, firing, evaluating and just general leading.

Barbara It seems to be important.

Anna It is important. It's evident that making careful decisions is the basis of good management.

Barbara But do, you work under much pressure?

Anna Barbara, you know I am quite used to working under pressure from my last job. I am also accustomed to lots of paper work and red tape.

Barbara Good for you.

Anna And what's more important I feel that I can learn a lot because my boss is very competent.

Barbara Good, I think we'd be in a hurry not to get late for the work.


Active Vocabulary


an executive руководитель,

администратор manager управляющий, администратор

an administrator управляющий, администратор

vice president вице-президент

head of department руководитель отдела

foreman мастер, руководитель

position должность

to set objectives ставить цели

to delegate authority распределять обязанности

to work under pressure работать по принуждению

red-tape зд. бюрократическая, канцелярская работа

to be competent быть компетентным

Vocabulary Exercises


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