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Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.

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ENGLISH FRONT VOWELS: [i:], [I] [e], [{]

# Question Answer
What English vowel is front retracted?  
What English front vowels are lax?  
What vowel is diphthongized?  
Which vowel is more open: the Ukrainian [i] or the English [I]?  
What English front vowel is low or open?  
What class of vowels according to vertical movements of the tongue does [e] belong?  
What is the characteristic of the English front vowels according to lip position?  
How do call the mistake of substitution [e] for [{]?  
What English front vowels may be checked?  
What mistake is typical of the pronunciation of all front vowels?  
  The number of correct points is  
  My grade is  

Reading Practice.

Make an accentual-tonetic analysis of the following extract. Practise its expressive reading.

Reading Passage: Trust and Confidentiality

1 Third, being a professional teacher carries the responsibility of trust. 2 We function in loco parentis – we stand in the place of a parent when students are in our charge, whether that’s in the classroom, on a field trip, at an extracurricular activity, a school-sponsored function, or a private affair. 3 The trust includes responsibility for the students’ physical safety, their moral and social behavior, and their psychological and emotional well-being. 4 We must constantly be on guard to protect our students from harm, whether it be from a snowball or an insult being hurled.

5 Maintaining confidentiality is one of the most important areas for which teachers are responsible. 6 Teachers should not discuss individual students with anyone unless the setting and purpose are appropriate. 7 Even to discuss students with other teachers in the faculty lounge or over lunch is inappropriate, and if done in public it becomes unethical.

Pronunciation Points to be Checked

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