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Complete the sentences 1-10 below with the gerund as subject. You should use your own variants. The first is given for you.

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1 __________was extremely difficult. Working full-time was extremely difficult. 2 __________will improve my chances to get this job. 3 __________ was one of her greatest drawbacks. 4 __________ is not my idea. 5 __________ was very tiring. 6 __________ is intellectually stimulating. 7 __________ takes a lot of time. 8 __________is hardly worth trying. 9 __________ can be very interesting. 10 _________ not so difficult as you think.

Write the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one. The beginning of each sentence is given. The first is done for you.

1 I phoned Anna and then I went out. After phoning (having phone) Anna I went out. 2 Tom went to bed but first he had a hot drink. Before ________________________________________ 3 The plane took off and soon afterwards it crashed. Soon after______________________________________ 4 We did not eat home. We went to a restaurant instead. Instead of ________________________________________ 5 You put people’s life in danger if you drive careless. By careless ________________________________________ 6 Bill is a very good cook. Bill is very good at__________________________________ 7 I don’t intend to lend her any money. I have no intention of __________________________________ 8 George took more exercises and so lost weight. By__________________________________________________ 9 He was angry with me because I was late. He was angry with me for _______________________________ 10 Tom thinks that doing nothing is better than working. Tom prefers ____________________________________________



Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue according to the situation and roles. Talk for two minutes.

You are in the airport.

Student A:You are going to your vocation to South Asia. A person sitting near you returned from Thailand where a tsunami had occurred two recently. You ask him about this dangerous experience and impressions.

Student B: You has just returned from Thailand where you had experienced a tsunami. You are shocked and frightened. Tell your neighbor about this disasters and your personal experience.

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