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Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue according to the situation and roles. Talk for two minutes.

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You are in the TV chat-show. The program concerns global warming on the Earth.

Student A:You are a journalist taking an interview with a member of ecological organization “ We love Earth”. Ask him 10 or more questions about global warming and natural disasters.

Student B:You are a member of ecological organization “ We love Earth”. Be ready to answer the journalist’s questions and tell the audience about global warming and natural disasters.

Work in pairs or in small groups. Discuss next points.

  • Are there the traffic problems in your town ?
  • Are there a lot of adverts for cars on TV in your country ?
  • What has the government done or what should it do to help with traffic toxic emissions and air pollution?
  • Suggest any solution.




What you need: English/American/Canadian/other newspapers/other media, stationery

Learning aim: investigating the news/media; find out what is being said about climate change.


Collect headlines from newspapers, magazines, Internet recourses which feature a story on climate change, extreme weather conditions or flooding.

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