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Discuss the difference between past (20 years period) and today headlines. Imagine what headlines will appear in the Media in future (in 20 years).

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  1. B In group, discuss these questions.
  2. C Use a dictionary to check any underlined phrases that are new. Then discuss with your partner whether you think the sentences are true or false.
  3. Choose between the infinitive and the gerund as the object to an adjective in the following sentences
  4. Choose one point and discuss it with a partner.
  6. Communicating with Mass Media
  7. Compare the grammar forms of Future and Future-in-the-Past
  8. Complete the sentences by putting the verb in brackets into Future Simple Passive.
  9. Different ways of expressing future time.
  10. Discuss in class the following questions.

Answer the questions below.

  • Has climate change been halted or are the effects even worse?
  • If the effect of climate change has been slowed down how did this happen?
  • If the effects have worsened what should we and Government be doing now?

43 Develop a headline in a newspaper article. Write a report for the 9 o’clock news (100 words).




1 Look at the pictures and the list of ecological problems in the vocabulary box. Match the words to the pictures.

2 Discuss with a partner what has caused these problems.


You are going to read a text about rainforest destruction. Before reading answer the questions below.

· Why do people call rainforests “the lungs of the planet” ?

· Where are the rainforests situated?

· Why do people cut them down?

· What do you think about the problem of the forest?

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