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Vocabulary Exercises. List all the forms of money mentioned in Ihe passage and match them with the following definitions:

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List all the forms of money mentioned in Ihe passage and match them with the following definitions:

1. A bank's unqualified guarantee to pay a specified sum to a

specified individual or organization.

2. A negotiable instrument issued only by the Bank of En­
gland and signed by the -Chief Cashier of the Bank.

3. A written order to a bank to pay a slated amoun I of money.

4. A negotiable instrument issued by a bank in exchange for
cash and readily usable in most parts of the world.

5. Token money largely used for small purchases and trans­

6. A written order to a bank to pay a staled amount of money

to a slated person or, after endorsement, lo Ihe bearer on or wilhin a staled lime after a given date.


Choose the right answer: 1. "We constantly handle coins and bills" means:

a) cash Ihem under most circumstances,

b) deal with them,

c) receive them. 2 "bills of every denomination" denote:

a) bank notes of different values,

b) bank notes of various sizes,

c) other means of exchange. ^
3. "Legal tender" is: •• u


a) a type of paper currency, •'

b) a requirement to accept in settlemenl of a debt,

c) money guaranleed by a government.

;. "both cheques and Iravcllcr's cheques are readily ac­cepted" means:

a) able to be given lo anolhcr parly,

b) certified by the bank thai funds arc available,

c) endorsed by an officer of Ihc bank.

5. "Ihe cheque will be honoured" means:

a) lhal il will be readily accepted by creditors,

b) lhal it will be treated with respect,

c) lhal Ihe bank will be ready lo cash il.

6. "a bearer" is:

a) a person who is named as payee on Ihe exchange docu­

b) an officer of the bank who endorses the cheque,

c) the person offering Ihc exchange documenI and'demand­
ing payment.


Say what is true and what is false. Correct the false sen­tences:

1. Coins and bills of every denomination are called legal ten-


2. Cheques are rarely accepted in lieu of currency.

3. To cash a Iravcller's cheque Ihe bearer need only present
proper identification.

4. Bills of Exchange are not legal lender.




5. A cheque is always guaranteed by a bank.

6. Certified cheques are always guaranteed by a bank.


Using suffixes -cation, -cate, -ment, -ion, -ance, -ature,

etc., give nouns which are related to the following verbs:

accept prefer

certify present

circulate regulate

denominate settle

endorse signify

invest sign

identify stale

pay transact


Using prefaces dis-, П-, in-, ir-, un-, non-,etc., give nega­
tives which are related to the following:
accepted maturity

common negotiable

certified necessary

honoured regular

legal significant


Combine the words listed below into meaningful two or three word expressions as possible:

account bank bill circulation cashier deposit
proper profit regular reserve shareholders surplus








transaction traveller work undistributed
nation note participation payment

discount endorsing earnings fellow


For each of the following phrases find another one in the. text thai explains it:

1. ivioncy issued by the central bank of a country.

2. A piece of currency made of metal.

3. Unit of the bank note's value.

4. A document in settlement of a large debt guaranteed by
the bank.

5. A document which establishes the identity of a person set­
tling by cheque.

H. Cashing in a Bill of Exchange before it is due for payment. 7. The bank's readiness to accept a cheque for payment.


Fill in the blanks with proper words or phrases:
bank notes honoured

bearer identification

coins issued

currency traveller's cheques

1. While travelling I do nol like to carry large amounts of

2. 1 prefer to have... which arc immediately negotiable.

3. Traveller's cheques are ..... in different denominations.

4. To cash the traveller's cheque the should present proper


5. However, there are merchants who will not accept
traveller's cheques even though you present proper...

6. 1 collect...... of every denomination.




Active Vocabulary active account accrue (v) balance (v) cancel a cheque (v) --. compound interest credit (v) debit (v) deposit fund genuine insurance insure against (v) interest on bank credits joint account ledger liquid maturity notice outstanding


Write sentences of your own:

1. to sign a cheque

2. to accept a cheque

3. to cash a cheque

4. to make payment by cheque

5. to certify a cheque

6. to endorse a cheque

7. to make out a cheque

8. to accept liability for

9. to present your identification document

10. to settle business accounts

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