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Vocabulary Exercises

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Find proper definitions



1. Debit

a) I he unpaid balance or portion of a
loan or investment on which the

interest is figured

2. Balance
3. Overdraft

b) an amount by which withdrawals
are greater than the balance in an

c) the poinl at which a loan or invest
men I is due


d) the amount which has to be paid 1'or

the use of a bank's services byacur-rcnt account holder

e) a figure in the ledger indicating
a withdrawal or a change

f) the amounl remaining in an accounl

g) figure interest on the principal plus
any accrued interest

h) the amount per hundred pounds which is added to the balance of a deposit account


Using the words in brackets as a guide, explain Uie mean­ing of the following terms:

1. deposit (put into, an account)

2. withdrawal (an accounl, remove from)

3. standing order (transfer, automatic, bank, customer, in­

4. joint accounl (two or more people, owned by)

5. slalemenl (a customer's deposits and withdrawals, a


H. overdraft (current account, balance) 7. interest (Ihc use of money, pay for) H. nolice (one's intentions, an announcement of) 9. insurance (loss, protection against, government agency or

another specializing in)


Choose the right answer: J. "a current accounl" is:

a) one which is available for the time being,

b) one in which savings arc held,


с) one which is used all the time for day-to-day transae| tions.

2. "a canceled cheque" means:

a) worthless cheque,

b) stamped to indicate that payment has been made,

c) crossed cheque.

3. "a genuine signature" is:

a) a person's name written by himself,

b) a person's name written correctly,

c) legible signature,

4. "an outstanding cheque" means:

a) unpaid cheque,

b) written but not yet presented for payment,

c) overdue cheque. ,

5. "a deposit account" is:

a) one from which regular payments are made,

b) one in which savings are held,

c) one from which withdrawals can be made by cheque.

6. "rale of interest" is:

a) the percentage of each unit of money paid for its use,

b) rate of profitability,

c) portion of an investment on which the interest is calcu­
lated. I

"an overdraft" is: я

a)an amount by which the balance in a current account
exceeds the value-of a cheque drawn from it, j

b) an amount by which the value of a cheque exceeds the:
balance in the current account,

c) an excessive balance in a current account.

iv '^ •"• •• '•• ;

Say ivlial is true and what is false. Correct Иге sentences:

1. The teller has to learn to recognize all customers' signa-


2. If you want to keep your investment fairly liquid, put it in
a deposit account.

3. You cannot make withdrawals from your deposit account.

4. Interest is paid by the bank on both current accounts and
deposit accounts.

5. Withdrawals arc made from a deposit account by cheque
or standing order.

6. Money is easily transferable irom a current account to a
deposit account.

7. The rate of interest on deposit accounts is fixed.

8. It is easier to get money out of a deposit account than it is
from a current account.

Give verbs which correspond lo the following nouns:















to maintain to credit to permit to cancel to pay in

Find synonyms: to debit to deposit to reconcile to sign to accrue


Collocations. 3

1 . Find llic nouns which are qualified in the text by lhe.s?\ adjectives and write one noun to each adjective:

general especially

most minimum

regular short-term .j

interest overdraft
certificate balance
charge withdraw
cheque service
deposit saviVigs

2. Combine, the words listed below into meaningful two or\ three word expressions.


For each of the following phrases find the expression in the text or in the dialogue that explains it:

1. to record figures in a ledger

2. to compare one's own records with the bank's statement
and make them agree

3. money paid for the use of someone's money

4. to increase in quantity

5. the date when a loan or investment is due

6. a specified period of lime

1 to protect against loss or damage Я, at the rate of 5% each year

9, an instruction to a banker to'make a payment at regular

10. an instruction to a banker to make a single payment to a
specified person j

Ц. the amount on which the money paid for its use is calcu­lated

12. on my deposit account this payment for the use of my
money builds up at the rale of 3%

13. another type of account into which my salary is paid ev­
ery month

14. Ihe amount which 1 have to pay the bank for Ihe use of
Iheir services

15. theamounl by which my current account holding is greater
than nothing

16. my statement shows me lhat 1 owe the bank money


Fill in the blanks:

Mr Collins and his wife have a current account in both their

names. They have a... They both work and put money inlo

the account. They both make... Sometimes they gel mixed

up about the amounts of money they have removed from their

account. They gel confused about their..... Once or twice

the amount remaining in their account has become loo low.

They have had too small a... The next cheque they wrole

was for more money than they had in their account. They had

an...... The only way they could restore the balance was to

get a record of their deposits and withdrawals from the bank.

So they asked for a... They also had the cheques which had

been stamped to indicate that payment had been made. They

had their.... cheques. Then they added up Ihe cheques lhal

had heen written but had not been paid by the bank ycl.
They totalled their..... cheques. They also subtracted from



2 1619


their balance the bank charges and interest on the...... Fi-;

nally they managed to make their records agree with the
bank's statement. They...... their account.

Unit FourApplications for Loans


Demonstrate the meaning of the following expressions in sentences of your own:

1. to reconcile a statement with one's own records

2. to have a joint account

3. to have an overdraft

4. to cover an outstanding cheque

5. to send your banker a standing order

6. to make a withdrawal

7. to calculate interest on

8. to pay interest


Active Vocabulary:

amortize (v)

repaid by annual installments appraise (v)


fixed assets

current assets

balance sheet


chattel mortgage (US)


collateral security




1) погашать долг в рассрочку

2) обеспечивать постепенную
выплату займа

выплаченный в рассрочку оценивать, определять стоимость

имущество, достояние, средства; активы; фонды; капитал

- основные средства,
основные фонды

- текущие активы
балансовый отчет

- движимое имущество
ипотечный кредит

- осуществлять клиринг
векселей, чеков; выплачивать
по чеку клиента

- имущественное обеспечение,
обеспечение ценными

- обеспечение; залог;
дополнительное обеспечение

- долг, задолженность,
документ, скрепленный
подписью и печатью



discount ( v)

encumbrance equity

estate estimate (v)





legal charge


liquidate (v)


net value,

net worth (US)


pledge (v) property

real estate (US)

retire (v)




trust deed (US)

— 1) дисконт, учет векселей

2) процент скидки, станка учета|

— закладная, долг, обязательство

— 1) маржа


2) доля акционера в капитале

3) обыкновенная акция


— имущество, состояние

— 1) оценивать


2) подсчитывать

3) составлять смету

— 1) владение акциями
2) пакет акций

'— вклады, авуары

— задолженность

— 1) очередной взнос
2) частичный платеж

— законная плата

— денежные обязательства

— ликвидировать, погашать

— ипотека; залог; закладная

— чистая стоимость компании;
собственный капитал

— долговое? обязательство; облига­


— закладывать

— 1) собственность
2) имущество

— недвижимость

— погашать долговое обязательство.

— ценные бумаги, фонды

— право собственности

— ]) траст, доверительный фонд
2) кредит / давать в кредит

— акт учреждения доверительной


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