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Gerard's POV. I'd spoken to Mikey and while he was reluctant to allow Frank to move in, I soon talked him around the idea

I'd spoken to Mikey and while he was reluctant to allow Frank to move in, I soon talked him around the idea. I couldn't wait to tell Frank, so before I went to bed, I called him up to let him know.

"Hey," he answered tiredly.

"Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?" I asked him. He'd sounded like he'd been asleep.

"Yeah, but I'd fallen asleep in front of the TV anyway, so it doesn't matter," he reasoned.

"Well, anyway, I just called to let you know that Mikey said that you could move in with us," I told him excitedly. I swear, I could hear his whole face light up as he replied to me.

"Oh my god! This is so awesome. We'll always fall asleep together and we'll always be together and now your stupid neighbor won't think that you and Mikey are together... she'll see that we're together," he spoke, making me chuckle.

"So I was thinking, on Saturday, we can move your stuff across and then spend the afternoon in bed," I suggested in a rather seductive tone. I sorta surprised myself, because I wasn't very good with the whole seduction thing.

"It's a date," Frank replied. "Anyway, I have some things to do before I go to bed, so I'll see you bright and early at work. And I expect you to be on time. No jacking off in the shower. If you wake up with a boner, go and fight crime and then come into work, so that I can give you something special," he told me.

"Well, while all that sounds nice, you've just made something special form in my pants. So I had better go and fix it," I told him.

"Well Gerard, are you in your bedroom?" he asked me.

"Yes," I replied.

"Is your door closed?"


"Is Mikey in his room listening to his ipod?"

"I think so..."

"Good. Because before we hang up, we're gonna make your special problem in your pants disappear," Frank said in a very low voice which turned me on quite a lot.

"Mmm," I moaned into the phone.

"Stick your hand in your pants and touch yourself," Frank told me. I did as he had instructed.

"Ok. Now what?" I asked.

"Just a second. Let me get all comfortable here," he spoke as I heard some shuffling. After about a minute or so, his breathy voice spoke into the phone once more. "Gerard, do you think that me laying on my bed, naked with a massively hard cock is comfortable enough?" he asked me, making my eyes widen and my cock twitch at the image.

"Uh, y-yeah, I guess..." I trailed.

"Hmmm. Nope, I don't think it's very comfortable. You know what would make me comfortable? If I reached down and touched myself..." he spoke, whispering the last bit. I shuddered as I began to pump myself hard and fast.

"Mmm, Frank," I spoke, my breath quickly becoming short.

"Ooh. Sounds like Gerard's already going at it. I guess I'll have to go at it too. See who can come first. Like a race," he breathed out as his breaths became more rigid.

The next ten minutes were full of us moaning and groaning into the phone. It had turned me on so much hearing Frank masturbate over the phone. Phone-sex was a new love of mine. Although actual sex with Frank was obviously better.

"Mmm fuck Gerard. I'm ohhhhh ohhhh god," he moaned, as he came. I came shortly after. Frank had won the race, although I didn't care. I enjoyed that so much.

"I love you Frankie,"

"Love you Gee. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," I replied, as we hung up.

I then fell asleep, only to be woken up at 6:30am by a large weight jumping on me.

"Happy Birthday Dipshit!" Mikey screamed in my ear. I rolled over and pushed his body off me, so that I could breathe normally again.

"Here, I got you a present!" Mikey exclaimed excitedly, handing me a huge box, gift wrapped in yellow paper. On top was a pink bow.

"Thanks," I said, sitting up. Don't get me wrong, I do like it when it's my birthday, but my birthday also reminds me of the day that my life started... my pretty much shitty life. Well, it was shitty up until about a month ago, but we won't go into that.

I ripped off the wrapping paper only to reveal a massive cardboard box, the kind of box you'd put things in when you were moving house. It was also very light too. Upon opening the box, I looked inside and saw that the massive box only contained a small envelope.

"Now, before you call me a tight-ass, I just wanna say that my present is an awesome present. And I wanted to make its awesomeness known by putting it in a massively impressive box. So I hope you like what I got you," he spoke, as I opened the envelope only to pull out a fairly thick card. I opened the card to reveal a wad of cash, and 2 gift cards, one for the bookstore that Mikey worked at and one for a CD store that Mikey and I frequently visited.

"See? I told you it was awesome," he spoke, noting the grin that had appeared on my face.

"It is. Thanks Mikey. You might be an ass of a brother, but I still love you. Someone's got to," I joked, making Mikey roll his eyes at me.

"Anyway, I think we should invite Frank over tonight for take out. And if you go to the pizza store in your superhero outfit and mention it's your birthday, they might give you free food again!" Mikey exclaimed excitedly.

"They always give me free food at the pizza place when I'm in costume no matter what the date is," I reminded him.

"Well do that tonight! I love pizza, especially when it's free," he told me.

"Well not tonight. Frank doesn't even know it's my birthday so we can't invite him over cause I don't want him to feel bad for not knowing when my birthday is," I said to my brother.

"All the more reason to invite him over. He'll know about your birthday eventually. Especially when I roll into work this afternoon with a massive balloon telling everyone that you're 28 years old. Old fart!" he exclaimed, walking out of the room. I rolled my eyes at him and got ready to go superheroing.

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